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by karensartworx on October 12, 2008

Hello Gang
I am a jewellery artist presently in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  My husband and I are in the planning stages of building an underground, netzero house in the country, east of Edmonton, Alberta (our Alberta capital). We will be off grid and supplying all of our own water, electricity, sewer, etc.  In this new place I will have a new studio that will be a separate room in which I can keep my four legged ‘children’ out of. We will be doing things as green and environmentally friendly as possible. The peace and quiet of the country plus being in nature full time should help inspire interesting and beautiful new jewellery.

My passion in jewellery making is in hand cut stones (some of which I collect and/or polish) set in silver and some gold, and enamelling. As I dislike casting and do not get along well with wax (except as candles) I prefer to fabricate all my pieces from sheet and wire. I am greatly interested in learning how the ancient peoples (especially the Sican) were able to craft such beautiful works of art with very basic tools.





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