by KMJewelryStudio on February 14, 2010

 I just realized that I never posted the pictures from my enameling class.  After my computer crashed, I lost my original images so I took some quick shots of my samples to post.

Cloisonne with transparent enamels over white.

Stenciling technique with opaque enamels and painting technique with acrylic enamels.  This sample is still in progress.

Champlave with transparent enamels. The transparents burned a bit because my design had too many small areas.  This resulted in a golden brown color in all of the "tight" spots.  It actually looks very pretty on this piece.  

 This hasn't been cleaned up properly yet, but my Mom spent the day in the studio with me last night and she made a color sample for our opaque enamels.  We'll be doing one next week for all of our transparent enamels.

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