It is not for me to make

March 24, 2009

This may not be totaly jewelery related but I had to imortalize this boneheaded move with a blog. As most of you guys know I make tools for jewelers and metalsmiths, so I have a machine shop at my house and occasionaly I get calls from people needing stuff usually it is just simple jobs […]

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Blatant, self-serving blog

February 21, 2009

Hey everybody. I made a press. It is 20 tons and it weighs 60 lbs and it can be shipped UPS. I made it for jewelers. It is primarily for die pressing.I tried to make it as affordable as possible without it looking homemade or like I cobbled it together in my backyard. It is […]

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Mininster of last resort

January 28, 2009

Friends and family you charge double- that is what a friend of mine was taught at dental school. You do this because you can -they won’t go anywhere else. This is how I became an ordained minister- not the charging double part, just the friends and family part. If you have a big enough family […]

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It only takes a spark

January 18, 2009

Being jewelers we are used to working with fire and after using it for years you begin to think you are the master of the glowing orange entity. At least I did until a few days ago. Everyone has good fire stories. I hope I am not alone. Anyway, after this event I began to […]

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So you wanna be a goldsmith

January 11, 2009

I was at one of the shops that I do work for a few  years ago and this guy comes in and asks the owner if he takes apprentices. Of course he says no, and the guy leaves. I finish up what I am doin’ and yell to the guy out in the parking lot, […]

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My old tools

January 7, 2009

I can only speak for myself but I love tools. I am sure most people who are reading this are of the same mind. When I first started learning to become a goldsmith I would look at catalogs of tools and think, “Wow when I get one of those I can learn to pave or […]

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A season to remember

December 28, 2008

I used to worry when work would slow down, but my wife would always reassure me that something will come up. Well, being the eternal pessimist I am always thinking of plan B just in case, and boy did plan B come in handy this year. Every other year all my fears were totally unfounded. […]

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If you make it they might buy it

December 8, 2008

I used to make jewelry for consignment in galleries and stores. I would just make whatever I wanted and hope that other people would like it enough to buy it. Trying to guess what might sell is nearly impossible. What i thought was a homerun would be a total dog, but at least I liked it and […]

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Yo bro, I need a Grill

December 2, 2008

A few years ago this fella rolls into the jewelry store with his posse and tells me he needs a grill.  He wants it to shine and its gotta have the bling – its gotta “pop” he says. I unfortunately have made these things and the store owner knows it, so there is no gettin’ outta […]

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I could be a dentist

December 2, 2008

Dentists use small fussy tools and so do jewelers. Dentists work with gold and so do jewelers. Dentists wear see-biggers (magnifiers) that is what my son used to call them when he was little.  Heck, I can work on teeth. I have teeth so I am qualified. That is what went through my mind after walking […]

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