Blue Gem turquoise (Nevada) section necklace C1945. This is a Thunderbird Shop made piece crafted in Frank Patania Sr.’s work shop. These are wonderfully matched pieces of Blue Gem turquoise. It measures 14 inches plus a 2 inch extension. It can be lengthened by adding a longer extension to maintain the original piece or I can add beads and restring the necklace for an additional charge.

This is a fantastic example of Blue Gem turquoise. I could probably come up with a pair for earrings from vintage family stock. This large a set of well-matched Blue Gem very difficult if not impossible to obtain. $3,850

Nugget turquoise necklace C1945. This is turquoise Frank Patania Sr. bought from the Maryott family who were some of the first people to experiment with treating turquoise. Turquoise treated for hardness and color at the time was a novelty. The treatment assured the craftsman that the turquoise would not change color over time and would be harder than the usual available material. The Maryott and Patania families have known and worked with each other for generations.

This necklace has the Thunderbird Shop hallmark and measures 15 inches long with a 1 ? inch extension. It can be lengthened to fit as I described above for the Blue Gem Necklace if necessary. This is pure Patania craftsmanship and design which is very recognizable. $3,000 Ask about the matching bracelet which is not Patania but a very good match. Picture and price of the bracelet on request.

Coral section necklace C1955. This is a shop made coral necklace with 56 stones! This necklace is a fantastic presentation of color. Imagine it being worn with a black dress and simple earrings in sterling or sterling and coral. I have family stock of coral to make earrings if you are interested.

Coral is very popular and a piece like this won’t come up often if ever again. As coral stocks dwindle the price goes up so apart from being a rare beast this piece is gorgeous. Crafted in Frank Patania Sr.’s Thunderbird Shop the Patania design and craftsmanship is clear. No mistaking this piece as Patania.

This piece measures 17 inches with no extension. It can be lengthened as the two above to make a perfect fit. $6,200

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these pieces,

Thank you,
Sam Patania (520) 795-0086
1830 E. Broadway, Ste. 124-204
Tucson, AZ 85719


I have an extraordinary opportunity for anyone who is interested in rare turquoise. My family has #8 Spider Web turquoise which my grandfather, Frank Patania Sr. bought in the late 1930’s to the 1940’s.

rare turquoise necklace

I am now offering this turquoise in my work. These pieces will be one of a kind by default as this turquoise is no longer available because the mine is played out; there is no more of this turquoise in the ground. The stones I have are of high quality and the Patania family stands behind the provenance of this turquoise. In my designs I will try to complement this turquoise with my understanding that this turquoise will never be available to work with again. I am extremely excited by this. These pieces will all be hallmarked with my personal hallmark.

rare turquoise necklace

The first design offered with this turquoise is being set in a necklace of 18K gold and sterling silver. This set includes the necklace and earrings. This necklace is made of long triangular sections of heavy sterling silver which I will texture and patina dark. On top of this dark background will float the turquoise set in 22 karat gold and 18 Karat gold “Dots”. The sections are suspended on a textured tube and bead chain with small Dots of gold on each tube bead which goes around the neck. This necklace will be 16 inches long with an extension chain of 2 1/2 inches which gives a bit of length. I am asking $7,800 for the set and it can be finished in time for the holidays.

rare turquoise necklace

The design for the second set of stones I am offering is made up of tabs of #8 Spider Web which I will alternate between tabs of the same size of beautiful solid sterling. I was reminded of Aztec jewelry when I saw these tabs for the first time. Turquoise is wonderful blue shot through with the spider web matrix. This piece is entirely made of sterling and #8 turquoise and the sections will be strung together with the tube and bead chain which makes the whole necklace bright and shiny. Earrings of high polish sterling are included in the price. The necklace will be 16 inches long with a 2 ½ inches extension chain and the planned earrings are dangles.

rare turquoise necklace

The price for the second design is $5,900 and this can be finished in time for the holidays as well.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in either of these designs. I will continue to make jewelry with this turquoise as long as I have it but please understand these particular stones won’t ever be available again


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5 carats of Vintage #8 Spider Web from Nevada. This is turquoise my grandfather bought in the early 1960’s, my dad says it is the last lot of turquoise he bought. I have set in a heavy sterling anti-clastic (reverse curve) ring with 18K gold Dots. The stone is mounted in a 22 karat gold […]

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May 25, 2011

I made a bracelet several months ago with a piece of Royston turquoise set on top of an overlay cuff the design of which was circles in a frame. That piece sold right away and unfortunately coming across another piece of turquoise I could do that with is getting more difficult, large pieces of natural […]

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Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, the variety of color and hue keep me interested and the different mines keep me searching. The mother stone or matrix in which turquoise typically forms adds interest in it’s own variety. Hunting turquoise at the Tucson Gem show consumed me this year, I found lots of it […]

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My Web Site

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