#TucsonGemShow Turkish Clay in Tucson! …and they are giving it away!

by Robyn Hawk on January 26, 2015

Turkish Clay in Tucson!  
...and they are giving it away!

In glorious Tucson tradition, we welcome exotic products from all over the globe to be exhibited and enjoyed by show goers. This year is no exception!

Prometheus metal clays are a welcome addition to the transformable product market in the United States. They provide a simple to use, and cost-effective method, for designing custom copper and bronze components. Prometheus Copper and Bronze clays can be fired with as little as a kitchen butane torch and no expensive equipment to manage.

Prometheus, a Titan god, molded mankind from clay and gave us fire. Now, Odak Hobby, along with Clay Revolution, is coming to the states to deliver Prometheus to us. Ozgur Aykoc, Partner of Odak Art, Hobby & Craft in Istanbul Turkey, will be traveling to the United States in February. He plans to demonstrate the copper and bronze clays at multiple shows throughout the Tucson event.
Hundreds of packs of clay will be given away from Feb. 1st to Feb. 9th. To be entered, pick up a RED BUTTON at one of the Clay Revolution booths. Every hour, at multiple shows, the first person spotted with a button will win a free pack of copper or bronze. 

Prometheus classes will be available at The Tucson Bead Show, To Bead True Blue and Jewelry Tools at JOGS. Prometheus clays will be sold at Clay Revolutions booths at The Tucson Bead Show and To Bead True Blue.

Clay Revolution booths: 
Tucson Bead Show #143 
To Bead True Blue #G177

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