#TucsonGemShow The Show Guide Contoversy…. NOT!

by Robyn Hawk on January 31, 2015

Disclaimer:  I work with Brad Hicks and  Xpo Press - the publishers and distributors of the Tucson EZ- Guide.

BUT - that being said - I feel that I have an unbiased outlook when people ask for a link to a guide to the shows in Tucson!

I will tell everyone to pick up a copy of the THE BIG GUIDE - because it has lots of great ads and coupons.

Both Guides offer a paid subscription so you can have a guide in-hand about 2 weeks prior to the event....

So why do I tend to promote the Tucson EZ-Guide prior to the event?  because it has a website with ALL of the information from the printed guide and a download-able version of it's show guides  - the big guide's site doesn't help much until you are at the event and have the guide in hand.

It is also a more convenient size to carry through the shows...

By the way - having trouble finding the big guide online?  their new website is:  http://www.tucsonshowguide.com/home

Tucson EZ Guide's two editions can be found at:  http://www.xpopress.com/AZ-show-schedule.html

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