#TucsonGemShow – AGTA’s 2014 Spectrum Awards™ – View Winners at AGTA GemFair Tucson

October 22, 2013
Winners Announced for 
AGTA’s 2014 Spectrum Awards™ Competition

Winners have been named in the 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition hosted by the American Gem Trade Association. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the competition.

The competition was judged October 19-20 in New York, NY. Judges for the 2014 competition were retailer, Jennifer McCurry from Marissa Collections, fashion and beauty editor, Jennie Ma from The Knot, jewelry designer Barbara Heinrich from Barbara Heinrich Studio, lapidarist John Hatleberg, and manufacturer Jose Hess.

SPECTRUM AWARDS – Best of Category Winners: 
Best of Show!
James Currens, J.W. Currens, Inc. – Platinum “Tropical Storm” ring featuring a 22.10 ct. Emerald accented with Diamonds (11.47 ctw.).

Best Use of Color!

Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney – 18K yellow gold earrings featuring boulder Opals (22.84 ctw.) and fire Opals (2.62 ctw.) accented with orange Sapphires (1.75 ctw.) and Paraiba Tourmalines (.70 ctw.).

Best Use of Platinum and Color!

Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design – Platinum “Coleman’s Smokey Blues” earrings featuring cushion-cut blue Spinels (3.86 ctw.) and lavender Spinels (4.02 ctw.) accented with multi-colored Sapphires, Garnets, Tourmalines and Diamonds.
Best Use of Pearls!
Anil Maloo, Baggins, Inc. – 18K white gold drop earrings featuring 32 Japanese Akoya cultured Pearls accented with round brilliant Diamonds (4.43 ctw.).

1st Place Fashion Forward

Katey Brunini, K. Brunini Jewels – Sterling and 18K yellow gold “Robot Heart” necklace featuring a 1363.96 ct. Opal heart accented with Diamonds (1.53 ctw.). The heart lights up in several patterns.

2nd Place Fashion Forward 
Lydia Courteille, Meridian Jewelers – 18K oxidized white gold Seahorse cocktail ring featuring an Opal accented with Garnets, Sapphires and Amethysts.

3rd Place Fashion Forward

Lauren Harper, Lauren Harper Collection – 18K yellow gold “Kryptonite Pyramid” 
necklace featuring Chrysoprase and Diamonds.

Category Winners
Bridal Wear Sponsored by The Knot:
Bridal Wear – 1st Place

Anil Maloo, Baggins, Inc. – 18K white gold drop earrings featuring 32 Japanese Akoya cultured Pearls accented with round brilliant Diamonds (4.43 ctw.).
Bridal Wear – 2nd Place
Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney – 18K yellow gold “Something Blue” earrings featuring blue Opal drops (29.99 ctw.) accented with Aquamarines (5.03 ctw.), grey Sapphires (.43 ctw.) and Diamonds (1.10 ctw.).

Bridal Wear – 3rd Place

Caysie van Bebber, CvB Inspired Design – Platinum “Aurora” ring featuring a 5.40 ct. unheated lavender Sapphire accented with Diamond melee (.80 ctw.).

Bridal Wear – Platinum Honors

Bella Campbell, Campbellian – Platinum earrings featuring Rubies (6.00 ctw.) 
accented with Diamonds (1.05 ctw.).
Bridal Wear – Entry Platinum Innovation
William Travis, William Travis Jewelry – Platinum ring featuring a 
1.38 ct. cushion-cut yellow Sapphire.
Bridal Wear – Gem Diva Award
Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design – Platinum “Eternity” earrings 
featuring Moonstones (6.33 ctw.) accented with brilliant-cut Diamonds (5.76 ctw.) 
and gray Tahitian Pearls.

Bridal Wear – Manufacturing Honors

Phillip Dismuke, Jewelsmith – Platinum “Halo” ring featuring a 1.87 ct. Sapphire accented with Diamonds (.35 ctw.).

Bridal Wear – Honorable Mention

Cynthia Bach, Cynthia Bach, Inc. – Platinum drop earrings featuring blue marquise, double-faceted Aquamarines (113.23 ctw.) accented with seed Pearls and Diamonds.

Business/ Day Wear

Business/Day Wear – 1st Place
Jonathan Lee Rutledge, Jonathan Lee Rutledge, Inc. – 22K and 18K yellow gold “Blue Waters” necklace featuring Opal doublets and Diamonds (1.86 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear – 2nd Place

Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney – 18K yellow gold earrings featuring boulder Opals (22.84 ctw.) and fire Opals (2.62 ctw.) accented with orange Sapphires (1.75 ctw.) and Paraiba Tourmalines (.70 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear – 3rd Place
Gregore Morin, Gregore Joailliers – 18K white gold “Spring Time” earrings featuring Jade (24.20 ctw.), carved lemon Chrysoprase (17.80 ctw.) and Diamonds (.32 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear – Platinum Honors
Michael Endlich, Pave Fine Jewelry – Platinum “Venus” ring featuring a 9.35 ct. rainbow Moonstone cabochon accented with Diamonds (.26 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear – Entry Platinum Innovation

William Travis, William Travis Jewelry – Platinum earrings featuring Agate (9.56 ctw.) drops accented with blue Sapphire briolettes (4.83 ctw.) and Lapis Lazuli beads (1.18 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear – Gem Diva Award

Annie Fensterstock, Annie Fensterstock – 22K yellow gold and 18K white,  pink, & yellow gold locket with a boulder Opal accented with white, pink and yellow Diamonds (2.55 ctw.).

Business/Day Wear – Manufacturing Honors

Ricardo Basta, E. Eichberg, Inc. – 18K rose and yellow gold ring with honeycomb ajour pierced out detail featuring round brilliant Rubies (3.97 ctw.) in a star-point setting.

Business/Day Wear – Honorable Mention

Marina Mellinas, Metal Kinetics – 18K yellow and white gold “Swirling” ring featuring a carved 41.18 ct. white Jade, accented with Peridots (3.94 ctw.), Aquamarines (1.61 ctw), brown and white Diamonds (.52 ctw.).

Classical – 1st Place

James Currens, J.W. Currens, Inc. – Platinum “Tropical Storm” ring featuring a 22.10 ct. Emerald accented with Diamonds (11.47 ctw.).

Classical – 2nd Place

Maurice Di Biaggio, Di Biaggio LLC – Sterling silver with 24K and 18K plated gold “Butterfly” brooch featuring Agate accented with Tourmalines, Citrines and cubic zirconias.

Classical – 3rd Place

Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design – Platinum “Coleman’s Smokey Blues” earrings featuring cushion-cut blue Spinels (3.86 ctw.) and lavender Spinels (4.02 ctw.) accented with multi-colored Sapphires, Garnets, Tourmalines and Diamonds.

Classical – Platinum Honors
John Ford, John Ford Jewelers – Platinum ring featuring a 5.76 ct. black Opal 
accented with Diamonds (2.44 ctw.).

Classical – Entry Platinum Innovation
Richard Nobrega, Bailey’s Fine Jewelry – Platinum pendant featuring a 6.80 ct. cushion, brilliant-cut Citrine accented with Diamonds (.03 ctw.).

Classical – Gem Diva Award

Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney – 18K yellow gold ring featuring a 5.08 ct. Alexandrite accented with round, marquise and half-moon Diamonds (2.53 ctw.).

Classical – Manufacturing Honors

James Kaya, James Kaya – Platinum and 18K gold “Stardust” earrings featuring 14mm black Tahitian cultured Pearls, 12mm gold cultured Pearls and 10mm white cultured Pearls accented with Diamonds (1.55 ctw.).

Classical – Honorable Mention

Mark Patterson, Mark Patterson – 18K white gold “Zen Snake” earrings featuring two pear-shaped Kunzites (34.94 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (1.08 ctw.).

Evening Wear:
Evening Wear – 1st Place

Leon Mege, Leon Mege, Inc. – Platinum and white gold “Blue Fin” ring featuring a 12.75 ct. Paraiba Tourmaline cabochon accented with Diamonds.

Evening Wear – 2nd Place

Caroline Chartuni, Caroline C – 18K white gold earrings featuring Paraiba Tourmalines (14.10 ctw.), Emeralds (13.70 ctw.), Tanzanites (4.30 ctw.) and Diamonds (6.02 ctw.).

Evening Wear – 3rd Place
Gwennie By Michael John, Michael John Jewelry – 18K white gold ring featuring a Diamond (4.12 ctw.) polar bear jumping between Opal icebergs (33.77 ctw.).

Evening Wear – Platinum Honors
Howard Donsky, Jeffrey Howard, Inc. – Platinum earrings featuring two pear-shaped Tanzanite slabs (48.08 ctw.), Emerald slabs (11.44 ctw.) and Moonstones (2.43 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (2.84 ctw.).

Evening Wear – Gem Diva Award

Jennifer Rabe Morin, Jennifer Joailliers – 18K white gold with black ruthenium plating ring with carved olive Jade and fire Agate, accented with green Garnets (1.07 ctw.), Amethysts (.33 ctw.) and Diamonds (.32 ctw.).

Evening Wear – Manufacturing Honors

Hector Hassey, Hector Hassey – 18K white gold “The Octopus” necklace featuring 12-15mm black Tahitian Pearls accented with Diamonds (11.22 ctw.).

Evening Wear – Honorable Mention

Kerri Halpern, Madstone Design – 18K white gold with black rhodium plating drop earrings featuring pear-shaped Morganites (65.77 ctw.) accented with white Diamonds (4.69 ctw.).

Men’s Wear:
Men’s Wear – 1st Place
Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design – 14K white and 18K yellow gold men’s lapel pin featuring carved black Jade accented with white Diamonds (.28 ctw), Rubies (.04 ctw.), and cognac and yellow Diamonds (.99 ctw.).

Men’s Wear – 2nd Place
Llyn Strelau, Jewels by Design – 18K yellow and 19K white gold 
“HEXactly” cufflinks featuring Emerald slices (11.80 ctw.) 
accented with blue Sapphires (1.0 ctw.) and Diamonds (.25 ctw.).

Men’s Wear – 3rd Place
Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney – 18K yellow gold cufflinks featuring carved Coral Buddhas (2.0 ctw.) accented with color-change Garnets (1.80 ctw.) and Diamonds (1.02 ctw.).

Men’s Wear – Platinum Honors
David Hines, Nvit Blanche – Platinum “Bloody Knuckles” ring featuring mirror-set Rubies (1.00 ctw.).

Men’s Wear – Honorable Mention

Robin Rotenier, Rotenier, Ltd. – Blackened sterling silver cufflinks featuring tumbled Tanzanite pebbles (16.00 ctw.) with black (.22 ctw.) and white Diamonds (.06 ctw.).

This year’s AGTA Spectrum Awards™ will be presented during the 2014 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson to be held February 4 – 9 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. Winning entries will be displayed during the show and AGTA Spectrum Awards™ recipients will be recognized during the AGTA Dinner Dance and Awards Gala. The event starts at 7:00 pm Saturday, February 8. Tickets for the gala are $100 and cocktail attire is encouraged.

AGTA Spectrum Awards™ entries were judged on the basis of overall beauty and wearability, innovative design, effective use of materials, quality of gemstones, quality of workmanship, broad-base consumer appeal and potential to generate positive publicity for natural colored gemstones.

AGTA Cutting Edge Awards™ honor excellence and creativity in lapidary arts, including natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls, carvings, and other gem materials.

Bridal Wear Sponsored by The Knot is our newest sponsor this year! Whether gracing the bridesmaids or donning the bride, herself, this category captures all looks coming down the aisle. Engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and tiaras were considered.  

Platinum Honors were once again awarded with the support of Platinum Guild International. All entries whose primary metal was platinum were eligible in this category. 
WJA Gem Diva Awards is in it’s second year with the Spectrum Awards with the support of WJA, and were presented in the Bridal Wear, Evening Wear, Classical and Business/Day Wear categories. All women who entered the Spectrum Awards competition were eligible for this category simply by marking the check-box for Gem Diva on their entry form. 

All designs that qualified for the Spectrum Awards competition were considered for Manufacturing Honors. This award celebrates outstanding use of colored gemstones and cultured pearls in jewelry appropriate to be manufactured in production quantities.

Fashion Forward Honors recognizes the outstanding use of colored gemstone and/or cultured pearl in artful, trend-setting jewelry. All necklaces, earrings, bracelets or other jewelry that qualified for judging in the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition automatically qualified for Fashion Forward Honors judging.

For further information on the 2014 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson or the AGTA Dinner Dance and Awards Gala, please call (800) 972-1162 or visit our website at www.agta.org. For inquiries regarding the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition, please contact Danielle Pelletiere at danielle@agta.org or (800) 972-1162.

The American Gem Trade Association is a not-for-profit Association serving the natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl industry since 1981. The AGTA serves the industry as “The Authority In Color” and has its headquarter office in Dallas, Texas.

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GJX – Rob Lowe – THE Colored Gem Dealer #TucsonGemShow

October 20, 2013

Every year I make sure to stop by Rob’s booth at GJX – this last year I had a great little surprise – Rob was in a meeting and the Award Winning Gem Cutter, Stephen Kotlowski was minding the booth.Thought I would share some photos of the fabulous gems …

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The 2014 AGTA GemFair Tucson – Focus on Spectrum Color!

October 7, 2013

A little inspiration from the Colorful World of the Spectrum Awards and AGTA!

What could your Spectrum entry mean to your career?  The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ offer you and your designs exposure in magazines, blogs, and industry publications.  Editors Day at the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ is a “can’t miss” event!

“You can spend weeks, months or even years developing you client contact list. You can invest thousands of dollars every month just trying to reach those buyers whose business is crucial to yours. But you have to make sure you have relevant and interesting products to sell them. And nothing is more pertinent to your business than COLOR!”

“The AGTA Spectrum Awards celebrate what happens when we combine the unimaginable power of nature with the unlimited reach of the imagination. A perfect pairing of gemstones and settings is not an every day occurrence. In fact, it may happen once in a life time!”

ABOUT THE AGTA: The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is an association of United States and Canadian trade professionals dedicated to promoting the long term stability and integrity of the natural colored gemstone and Cultured Pearl industries. The Association pursues its goals through the combined use of educational programs, publicity, industry events, government and industry relations, and printed materials for both the trade and consumer. The AGTA is well-known in the gemstone and jewelry industries for maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show Announces 2014 Lecture Series….

September 26, 2013

January 31st – 12th 2014
At The Riverpark Inn, Tucson Arizona USA
Requests the Pleasure of your Company
At The Following Events 
To Be Held In 

“New Ideas on the Origin of Oil: 
A Herkimer Diamond Case History from New York”


“Mindat and Its Uses”



“Recent Workings at Chief Mountain”
“A Collectors Guide to Pegmatites and Their Minerals”



“Mogok Myanmar (Burma): 
A secret overview of the most famous 
mining area for colored stones in the history of gems”


” Color Zoning in multicolored gem Tourmaline”


“The Continuing Perspectives of A Woman Collector”



“Celebrate 20 Years In Mineralogical Publishing”

Thanks to Maury Destouet the General Manager of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show and the always polished Aisha Jan for assembling an amazing group of Experts for this Lecture Series.

“I have the honor and pleasure to select the guest speakers and to assist in the organization of these events. Our company Rocksaholics is a proud participant of this show.”

Photo Credit: 
Herkimer Diamond via the Crystal Concentric Blog  http://crystalconcentric.wordpress.com/
Pegmatite and Barlocher photos from their Facebook pages 
Gail’s mineral photo from the “Gail’s Collection” Gallery on the Fabre Mineral Forum

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#tucsongemshow – What’s Hot In Tucson 2013 NOW Shipping!!!

September 5, 2013

Yes – it’s TRUE – the two elder statesmen of the Mineral Industry are BACK directed and filmed by that Swoboda kid….What’s Hot In Tucson is ready for distribution!!!!  if you missed any of the Mineral shows or just wish to learn more about Gems …

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September 2, 2013

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) is pleased to announce that it will award an ACE© It Appraisal Conference Scholarship to a deserving gemology student.  NAJA invites GIA, FGA, FGAA, FGG, FCGmA, RGA students to apply for this scholarship for the 41st Annual ACE© It Winter Educational Conference scheduled on February 2 – 3, 2014 in Tucson AZ.

This opportunity gives the gemology student a firsthand experience of networking with appraisal professionals by attending the highly regarded NAJA educational experience during a time when Tucson devotes itself to gems, jewelry, and minerals.  The scholarship, which covers the conference fee only, requires a resume, photo and an essay explaining the reason why the gemology student would choose to become a gems and jewelry appraiser.   NAJA believes that becoming a gems and jewelry professional appraiser is a viable career option for gemological students.

Applications can be obtained through the NAJA website, www.NAJAappraisers.com,or by a faxed request to NAJA headquarters at 718.997.9057.    Deadline for submission is November 1, 2013 and the final selection by the NAJA Scholarship Advisory Board will be announced December 1, 2013.

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers is the largest membership association specializing exclusively in gem and jewelry appraising and related appraisal issues.  It offers education and networking opportunities with knowledgeable appraisal professionals.  For further information, contact Gail Brett Levine, GG, Executive Director, The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers,   P. O. Box 18, Rego Park, NY 11374, 718.896.1536  fax 718.997.9057, naja.appraisers@netzero.net,  www.NAJAappraisers.com

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Tucson 2014 – The Countdown Is ON!!!

August 24, 2013

As you know – I tend to start counting down about the time that my deposit is accepted for our Housing…Well – It is ON!!!The AGTA is accepting registrations…There is a NEW show in town – JCK Events will be operating the High End Jewelry Show at Sta…

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JCK Events To Operate The High End Jewelry Show At Starr Pass Marriott

May 31, 2013
JCK Events Expands Domestic Footprint in Tucson

JCK Events announced today that it will enter the Tucson market by transforming the B2B G.L.D.A. Tucson Show, bringing a new opportunity for buying, networking, and learning to the broader jewelry industry.  The new JCK Tucson show is held at the JW Marriot Starr Pass Resort, a 4-Diamond mountaintop retreat, and Tucson’s best, during the Tucson Jewelry Weeks.  Covering finished fine jewelry, and featuring both luxury and design areas within the show, it is a fitting addition to JCK’s portfolio and one which will augment its position as the leader in finished fine jewelry shows. 

The new JCK Tucson show will take place February 3-8, 2014.

The G.L.D.A. Show (The Gem & Lapidary Dealers Association) has been an established wholesale gem & jewelry show that focuses on finished fine jewelry, a compliment to the surrounding B2B offerings in Tucson (AGTA and GJX) that thousands of suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers take advantage of.   

“JCK Tucson will cover the finished fine jewelry segment and feature luxury and design exhibitors, which will provide a new opportunity for exhibitors within the built in audience, already visiting Tucson,” says JCK’s Yancy Weinrich.  “The JW Marriott Starr Pass provides an opulent setting and environment for both exhibiting and networking beyond the show floor – with the outdoor patios, mountainous backdrop, golf course and spa; it is the place to stay while in Tucson.”

For more information about the qualification process for exhibiting please contact John Tierney at jtierney@reedexpo.com.

About JCK:
JCK is a trusted partner connecting jewelry retailers and manufacturers/suppliers with trends, news, products, education and partners to build business. Whether attending face-to-face events, building inventory with online and onsite sourcing or obtaining authoritative news and insights from JCK, the leading industry magazine in print & online, JCK offers a suite of tools, events and information to deliver sound solutions, innovative opportunities and essential information. Mark your calendars as JCK Events presents its portfolio of upcoming buying opportunities:

        LUXURYand Elite Enclave: May 28 – 30, 2013, by invitation only, and then continues as the events open their doors to all JCK retailers May 31- June 3, 2013 – Four Seasons, THEhotel, Mandalay Bay

        Swiss Watch: May 31 –  June 3, 2013 – THEhotel, Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental

        JCK Las Vegas: May 31 – June 3, 2013 – Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

        LUXURY Privé New York: July 29 – 31, 2013 – New York, The Pierre Hotel, Fifth Avenue

LUXURY Privé Panama: August 26 – 28, 2013 – Panama City, Panama, Westin Playa Bonita

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#TucsonGemShow – Tucson Check In

February 12, 2013

Sitting in the kitchen preparing dinner – yes that is why I rent a house – it is so relaxing to get away from the hub-bub of the show!The group of ladies in the house ROCKED!   literally – we even had our own resident Geologist! For all those who …

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#TucsonGemShow – GIA Dazzles at Tucson Gem Shows

January 13, 2013

GIA to Dazzle at Tucson 2013 Gem Shows
Institute to host classes, lab service, seminars and more
CARLSBAD, Calif. – Jan. 10, 2013 – Attendees at this year’s Tucson gem shows can enhance their visit experience with laboratory services, gem and jewelry seminars, classes and more from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). The Institute’s special offerings will take place from Feb. 5-17 at the Tucson Convention Center during the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) GemFair™ and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
GIA research fellow Dr. James Shigley will present an open seminar on recent gemological discoveries and research, and the Institute will offer a Gem Identification Lab Class allowing show guests to test their skills and learn the latest techniques for identifying natural gemstones, synthetics and imitations. The GIA Alumni Association will also sponsor the annual dinner, auction and dance event, “Party at the GIA Gem Mine,” on Feb. 8 at the Marriott University Park Hotel.
GIA’s highlights at the 2013 Tucson shows include:
GIA Museum Exhibits
The First Irradiated Diamonds
Feb. 5-10 at the AGTA GemFair™

The GIA Museum will showcase a ring created with the first irradiated diamonds – featuring a 2.73 carat blue pear shape, a 2.35 carat yellow round, and pink melée accents – from renowned mineralogist Dr. Fred Pough. Following World War II, Pough pioneered work on crystal growth and the treatment of gems as President of the Gem Irradiation Laboratories in New York. Together with Robert Crowningshield, then head of GIA’s laboratory in New York and a pioneer in gemological research, Pough selected these stones for his initial irradiation experiments.
Description: G:\Marketing\P R\Public Relations 2013\3. News Releases DRAFTS\1. January\Tucson Shows\138512.jpg
Colored diamond ring set in platinum. These are
 the first irradiated diamonds done experimentally 
by Dr. Fred Pough alongside Robert Crowningshield.
 2.73 carat blue pear shape, 2.35 carat yellow round
 and pink melée accents.          Image © GIA.
The Trilliant Collection
Feb. 14-17 at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
More than 100 trilliant cut gems made from 30 different gem materials – courtesy of the Roz and Gene Meieran Collection – will be on display at the TGMS Show. This collection is one of the exhibit highlights at the Institute’s Carlsbad, CA headquarters, and features one piece that keeps visitors guessing.  One of the gems on display has not been cut and is in its natural crystal shape. Tucson attendees will delight in testing their eye and determining which of the trilliant cut gems is actually uncut.
Trilliant cut gemstones from the Roz and Gene Meieran Collection. Image © GIA.
GIA Show Service Laboratory at AGTA GemFair
Show attendees will have convenient access to gem identification and country-of-origin services through the GIA Show Service Laboratory. Seasoned GIA gemologists will accept gemstones onsite at the AGTA GemFair show Monday through Friday, Feb. 4-9 from 9 a.m. to 5p.m.; and Saturday, Feb. 10 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Free GIA Seminar
Friday, Feb. 8, 9 to 10 a.m.
GIA’s Distinguished Research Fellow Dr. James Shigley will provide a update on the Institute’s latest lab developments including diamonds, colored stones and other timely topics of interest.
GIA Education
GIA will offer one lab class and two seminars during the AGTA GemFair™. Tuition for the lab class is $1,550 plus applicable sales tax and the seminars are $160 each. Pre-registration is required; call GIA Admissions at (800) 421 7250 ext. 4001 to register for the seminars, and visitGIA’s website to register for the lab class.
Gem Identification Lab Class
Monday through Friday, Feb. 4-8, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Hands-on training – with equipment including a microscope, a refractometer with polarizing filter and a removable magnifying eyepiece, refractive index (RI) liquid, a polariscope, a dichroscope, a spectroscope and a loupe – will help attendees learn effective testing procedures to identify natural gemstones, imitations and synthetics.
Country Origin of Corundum Seminar
Saturday, Feb. 9, 9 to 11 a.m.
This two hour seminar will include a lecture and hands-on lab with microscope instruction on country of origin determination for corundum. Attendees will learn how to identify internal characteristics of corundum through a microscope and what they indicate about the stone.
Emerald Clarity Enhancement and Origin Seminar
Saturday, Feb. 9, 1 to 3 p.m.
This two hour seminar will include a lecture and hands-on lab with microscope instruction on country of origin determination, and degree of clarity enhancement for emeralds. Through a microscope lab session, attendees will learn how to identify internal characteristics and the extent of clarity enhancement.
Party at the GIA Gem Mine
The GIA Alumni Association’s annual auction, dinner and dance event is on Friday, Feb. 8 from 6:30 to 11 p.m. at the Marriott University Park Hotel. Ticket prices are $50 prior to Jan. 25; $65 after and at the door. Register here.
For more information about GIA in Tucson, visit http://www.gia.edu/about-gia/events-calendar/tucson/.   

About GIA
An independent nonprofit organization, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), established in 1931, is recognized as the world’s foremost authority in gemology. GIA invented the famous 4Cs of Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight in the early 1950s and in 1953, created the International Diamond Grading System™ which, today, is recognized by virtually every professional jeweler in the world.
Through research, education, gemological laboratory services, and instrument development, the Institute is dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism. Visit www.gia.edu.  
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