by J. C. Kirby on October 6, 2011

Hi All,

Glad to be o this site. I’ve learned a lot from the contributors during my 2 years making jewelry. I love the craft and though it is much more precise than my normal art of stone carving I find it exhilarating to create with precious metals and incorporate my passion for gems. I am an amateur lapidary and have cutting cabochon gem stones for 20 or so years. I have eclectic tastes in the work I do and focus very much on the origins of jewelry making as talismanic and magical adornment. Some of my work can be seen here:



I would like to use this blog to design and plot progress in my pieces and learn more. I enjoy the lost wax process and do a fair amount of my pieces in that medium. Manufacturing is a bit different and I have much to learn there yet. looking forward to this. Thanks for having me.



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J. C. Kirby
I am a self taught sculptor and maker of jewelry. I have done art most of my life. I've worked in stained glass, painting, stone. I am lapidary as well and cut my own cabochons. I carve gemstones, fossil ivories, stone and hardwoods. I have always been interested in rocks and minerals and collect when I have the opportunity to do so. My art is all over the world in many collections including the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. I create one of a kind jewelry pieces exclusively in sterling silver,fine silver and high carat gold. Being very new to jewelry I am here to learn and share a bit of my journey in the craft.
J. C. Kirby

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