Santa Barbara Snapshot

by Alberic on November 3, 2008

This doesn’t really have anything to do with metalworking except that metalsmiths tend to collect tools.  This means we need space.  Space in southern California is hard to come by, and nearly impossible in Santa Barbara.  I counted once:  standing on my back balcony, I could hit no fewer than 12 different apartment buildings with a thrown baseball.  That’s just one side of the building.  For a midwesterner like me, that crowding becomes an issue from time to time.

I do love it here.  It’s as close as I’ve ever found to paradise, absent the space problems, and the insane housing market.  (Even now. Yes, values have tanked, but you’re still looking at half a million dollars for a 900 sqft ‘fixer-upper’, on a postage stamp.)

This all came home to me the other night when I was watching TV.  In a brief pause between the campaign commercials, what should appear but a viagra commercial.  There I sat, watching an older couple gazing meaningfully into each other’s eyes, while dancing around their kitchen.  Guess what was going through my head:  “Wow…look at the size of that kitchen”.  Yeah.  How do you know you’ve been in Santa Barbara too long:  You see a viagra commercial, and pay more attention to the size of the kitchen.  Sigh…


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bethwicker November 4, 2008 at 9:10 am

OK, that IS sad! I look out my windows and see pond, and trees, and valley, and cows, and trees, and cows….. you get the picture 😉

On the other hand what wonderful things there are to do in Santa Barbara!

For half a million here you can have a mansion on huge acerage…. but nothing to do but watch cows 😉

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