Handmade Holidays (continued)

by kristinfreeman on January 3, 2009

Next up, the Custom Dice Bag:

One of my female friends happens to play a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons. Since she didn’t have a dice bag, and her boyfriend (who also plays) did, we thought she needed something fancy.

My boyfriend managed to find these lovely drawstring bags on Etsy, however the purple one (same color as her dice) seemed a little too small. After a couple of convos on Etsy, I selected one of her larger bags and asked if she could make one that size in the purple fabric, which she said she could.

A week and a half later I had in my hands a custom dice bag for my friend, in possibly one of the most unique designs possible. If I could have gone back and done it over, the only thing I would have changed is that I would have chosen an even larger bag size, to make room for extra dice should my friend decide to buy a second set. The size small bag which I settled on was just the right size for one standard dice set.

So gentlemen, if you happen to know some ladies that are fans of tabletop gaming and in need of a dice bag that’s a little more elegant than the usual Crown Royal bag, then look no further, because SecretKeepers can hook you up.




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