Soldered Silver Ring

by guldem on May 30, 2011

I made this ring this weekend during a soldering class provided by Rita Marie Ross in Austin. The design is mine, although inspired by her. And almost all the soldering and stone-setting were done by me. I fell in love with this beautiful piece.



I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey, but I have lived abroad (Norway and the United States) for more than a decade. This has allowed me to draw on different cultures for inspiration. I am from a family of artists with my father being a painter amongst several other things and my mother being a designer in textiles. My interest in expressing myself with art began in earnest with rhythmic gymnastics and many years of modern dance. I am a Food Scientist (master's degree) and my new profession is creating jewelry art! As disparate as they might seem, these professions have something in common; I find that as a consumer-oriented food product developer, I am using similar line of thought in designing and developing jewelry pieces. Jewelry design is also very much an art that allows for creative expression, which I find very exciting. There are very many pieces of jewelry out there, but I think that those that are handmade are more meaningful because they are unique and made with a lot of thought and care. I'd like to eventually create a signature jewelry line, but I think I have a lot to learn for that and I am enjoying the learning process immensely. I am mostly interested in metals and wire. Adding some beads to these combinations is like adding spices to a food product! Silver is my main adornment. But I am open to working with any kind of metal (precious or base).

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