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Piacular, pewter pendant, ,garnet,brass and iron pendant, 1.25×1.25inches,                                                                                           shown July and August 2007,                                                                                                                                                                  Southeast Chapter of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, Side by Side show
this artwork is in the form of a circular timepiece, though it is off-center, off-balance and it’s insides seem to be coming out.  It is a reflection of a moment of ‘time’.  The hands are fixed.    It appears broken.  Time stands still.
TIME, an expenditure
a mathematical abstract measure of activity
elapse (of)
athletic competitive performance
as a means of orientation; schedule, coordination, ie. ‘mealtime’.



in music, sounds, rhythm, beat
historical events
legal and political systems
wheels of….
task, creation, completion
fulfillment, actuality

Edward Linenthal, Journal of American History, 9-11 NYC Memorial

while time is a numerical abstraction, in many ways it is in stasis, it cannot be slowed down ore speeded up… and the events that occur over a span of time cannot be changed: only our perceptions of them, when we may begin to add value.


action + time
enclosed time, limited, sealed
quality of time; QUALITY

Leon Golub (American Painter)
depictions of moments of horror; moments of terrorist and mercenary acts, of crime
time stands still





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