A Page on Titanium

August 1, 2010

This blog is a new enterprise for me, and I was too excited about writing it to learn everything first and do it after. So I’ll be adding bells and whistles as I go. Today, I have added a page, as distinct from a post, and truthfully I’m looking forward to seeing how these things […]

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Embracing My Inner Fussbudget: Being reasonable may be overrated

July 27, 2010

First, a disclaimer: This post is about art, style, and life, not a specific technique. I hope you’ll stick with me, and let me know what you think. OK, then. Ever since I was a small child, I was encouraged to be reasonable. No one else in my family was– I somehow got stuck being […]

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My New Favorite Tool

July 25, 2010

First off, let it be said– I love good design. I HATE bad design. And I love a well-designed tool most of all. You too, right? A few years ago, I went to the New Approach School in Virginia Beach to take a stone setting class from Blaine Lewis. He’s a fantastic teacher, and I […]

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Does the World Need One More Blog?

July 24, 2010

You be the judge. As I approach a major, round-figure birthday at the end of this year (Christmas eve, in case you didn’t guess from my name), I feel that I have gained a certain amount of knowledge, a certain amount of wisdom, and the ability to communicate some of these realizations with others. I […]

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