Arctic Mermaid with Baby Orca Resin Bangle Bracelet

by lianabennett on February 20, 2009

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After 3 tries, I finally have my Arctic Mermaid and Baby Orca resin bracelet design problem fixed.
Arctic Mermaid and Baby Orca Bangle Bracelet

The problem was that the many different resins I use, shrink at different rates. This shrinkage was not evident until the resins had fully cured, causing an air pocket to form around the black baby orca. The bangle looked perfect, when first released from the mold. But, after a week of further curing, the shrinkage started to show as a shimmery effect, evident over the darker black resin area. Here you can see the problem.
Resin Shrinkage
After more trial and error, I came up with a solution. I found that adding an additional layer of clear resin, before the final pour, “cured the problem.” Even though the two resins still shrink at different rates, they are both clear, and the resulting difference in shrinkage does not show.

You can find more pictures of my arctic mermaid resin bangle bracelet at my Etsy store: InArtStudio at Etsy




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