Clear Resin Jewelry Mermaid and Dolphin Bracelet

by lianabennett on August 27, 2008

in Jewelry,Mermaid Bracelets

Clear Resin Mermaid and Dolphin Bracelet
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A colorful 8 inch long, hand cast Mermaid and her Dolphin friend are totally encased in water-clear resin. Her long black hair is highlighted with shimmering purple and studded with tiny pearls. She wears a crown of red coral studded with pearls. Her tail shimmers with iridescent violet and aurora borealis blue. Her Dolphin friend shimmers in iridescent color-change pigment that changes from turquoise to blue to violet. The background is highlighted with iridescent violet-blue and green-gold “seaweed”, and tiny red starfish. The Mermaid and her Dolphin friend both have Swarovski Crystal eyes. Stunning!




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