Cow Skull Painted Turquoise

by lianabennett on September 4, 2012

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Sometimes, I like to take a break from jewelry making and shift back into my turquoise painting. I find this relaxing, because I don’t wear my glasses. Instead of concentrating on detail, I use my poor eyesight to advantage. I paint at arms reach, with a large brush, and concentrate on how the colors interact and blend. The overall effect of layering colors upon color, and using color to deepen and brighten other colors, is best observed from a distance. I also love to paint outside, in natural light. And with our recent return to cooler autumn weather, I welcome any excuse to get out of the studio.

Tom found a box of cow skulls that had been stored away for years. This is Colorado, after all, and I assume everyone has cow skulls and deer skulls in their storage units. What to do with them? I suggested pitching them. Tom decided to give the skulls a good cleaning, then asked me if I would paint them.

Painting a 3 dimensional object, like a real bone animal skull, is a lot different than painting a flat canvas. There are so many nooks and crannies on a cow skull. I painted this cow skull using my turquoise painting technique. The first skull I painted was a massive cow skull. First, I gave it a good coating of gesso on all the surfaces I could reach. This step ensures that the turquoise paint will adhere and gave me a white background just like my art canvas paintings. Then I used my professional grade, artist acrylics to create the turquoise look. This cow skull turned out so nice, that we decided to post it for sale in Tom’s Etsy store, Tom’s Critters.

I think it would look great in a cowboy, western or southwestern decor. Real taxidermy does not appeal to my decorating taste. But, these are so colorful and different, more art sculpture than animal trophy.

Cow skull painted turquoise

Here is a deer skull I painted in the same turquoise style. He is a 3-point buck, mule deer. Mule deer are common in Colorado and this one is a nice size. His antlers are large and symmetrical. This deer skull would look great in a mountain cabin

Deer skull painted turquoise

For more photos and info, see this turquoise cow skull and deer skull for sale at Tom’s Critters




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