Design Ideas – Where Do They Come From?

by lianabennett on December 9, 2009

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Design ideas, where do ideas come from? Good question. I have been pondering this question, in an attempt to analyze my own creative process. If, I can better understand myself, maybe, I can foster a better atmosphere for my creativity. Find a way to channel, and multiply my own creativity. Did that make any sense?

Some ideas come from a need to revise an older design. The design was good, but the process was too expensive. For example, my clear resin bangles, take weeks to make. By the time I factor in my time, with a reasonable hourly wage, the price is too high, for the average consumer to justify. I still make and sell these bangle bracelets, but, only on special order.

Some ideas, just come to life, out of a lump of clay. There you are, kneading the clay, getting it ready to work with, and out pops a design. If you are paying attention, you catch it, before it is lost. For example, my Table Coral Ring Design. It’s magical, the way this type of design happens. It’s perfect, the first time, and needs no changing or refining.

Some ideas come from a friend’s suggestion. Could you make this, but with a few changes? For example, my turquoise cross sculptures. One my gallery owner buddies, saw a small turquoise cross sculpture I was wearing, as a necklace, and asked if I could make the same thing, only larger, wall-sized larger. These have turned out to be good sellers. I have sold every one I’ve made, with requests for more.

Most of my jewelry designs come to me early in the morning, before I am even out of bed. Funny, I don’t remember dreaming about anything. But, there it is, this design vision, and I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee. This is an exciting reason to get out of bed and start the day, and a good reason to keep a notebook handy.

Some ideas just seem to multiply from another design. My current mermaid bracelet design, became a series this way. The first design, leads to multiple variations on the same theme. So far, I have a list of 6 new designs for this current bracelet. The second design of this series, is the one for which, I will demonstrate the sculpting process.

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