Mermaid Earrings in Gold and Blue Mermaid Jewelry

by lianabennett on November 21, 2013

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New mermaid earrings in gold and blue to capture the heart of any mermaid jewelry lover.

Mermaid Earrings in gold and blue

For a long time I have been thinking of designing mermaid earrings. One of my design criteria was super light weight. I love earrings that are so comfortable, that I forget I am wearing them. These mermaids together weigh just 5 grams, that is about the weight of a credit card. I also wanted them to be mirror image, a right and a left. These are almost a perfect mirror image of each other, with just enough difference in each mermaid, to make them more interesting. Another design criteria was size. Too small, and the detail would disappear. Too large and they would look and feel cumbersome to wear. These mermaid earrings measure 1 inch wide and just 2-1/2 inches long, including the gold lever backs. I think my little mermaid earrings are just big enough to capture attention, but still look graceful. I also, am partial to lever back earring findings. They are comfortable to wear and stay put. And, I have never lost a lever back earring. So, I design all of my earrings using lever back findings. I do offer the option of clip-ons for those with non-pierced ears.

My mermaid earrings have tails that are hand painted a shimmering teal blue. Each mermaid holds a glistening Swarovski crystal that hi-lights the blue of her tail. Each mermaid is finely detailed, light weight and comfortable to wear. Exquisite! My little mermaid earrings are individually and lovingly handcrafted. Each pair of Mermaid Earrings I make is a unique work of art, no two exactly alike. Part Sculpture, part Art, part Jewelry. This is sculpture you wear. Pure Fun and Fantasy.

As of now, I offer these mermaid earrings in 4 different colors. I am sure I will be adding more colors to my mermaid jewelry line, in the future.

You can see all my mermaid jewelry for sale here: Mermaid Jewelry by In Art studio on Etsy




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hansmeevis November 22, 2013

Simply love all your work.

lianabennett November 22, 2013

Thank you Hans. You just made my day 🙂

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