Midnight Fire Coral Resin Ring

by lianabennett on November 12, 2008

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Elegant and Dramatic in Design.
Simple, Harmonious Forms
Mesmerizing Black and Fire Opal,
Pure Fun and Fantasy
Another new ring, and this one was really fun to make.

The wide, cast resin, textured band simulates tiny Star Coral. An elegantly simple, cast resin Table Coral sits anchored to the top of the ring. Embedded in the “coral polyps” are tiny, 1.7mm, Hyacinth Red Swarovski rhinestones. Nestled inside the coral sits a single Fire Opal Swarovski bicone “sponge”. The ring is very light weight for it’s size, weighing 6.6 grams, and does not rotate on my finger.

This cast resin ring is simple, elegant black. The Swarovski rhinestones and bicone are fiery combination of red, orange and yellow. Stunning!




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hansmeevis November 13, 2008

Love the design!

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