The Woes of Website Re-design

by lianabennett on March 7, 2011

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My website restructure has been on my to-do list, glaring at me, for too long. I do all my own website administration and write all my own code. I guess I am just to picky (anal) to pay someone else to do the work for me. The problem is, I have been putting off working on my website, because it is such an overwhelming amount of work. I have been sitting at my computer for a week now, and I still am not done. It’s not nearly as much fun as making jewelry.
I learned to write html code, during my ebay hay-day period, before ebay turned into the wasteland of cheap knock-offs. Then, I learned about the wonderful world of CSS. Cascading Style Sheets are wonderful and simplified my code writing. I stay away from too much java scripting, because, it just slows everything down and I find it annoying. Then there are the people (like me) who refuse to buy the newest version of Widows. That means my browser is out of date, and I can’t upgrade to the latest version of Flash. I also found, that customers with dial-up (yes, they do still exist) get frustrated and leave, if they have to wait for all that flash to load. So I refuse to put any flash in my code.
The biggest part of website coding is Search Engine Optimization. I took an on-line course in this years ago, and realized that SEO doubles the amount of work. But, if you can wrap your mind around what makes the search engines happy, you have a shot at showing up in searches.
Yak,yak,yak…. I just realized that I am procrastinating, again.




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