They Voted NOT to Let Me Enter Clay Show

by lianabennett on August 16, 2007

in Sculpture- Polymer Clay

They voted NOT to let my polymer clay art in the Clay Continuum show. “They” being the other clay artists. Maybe, by next year, I can change their minds about polymer clay.
While my little polymer clay sculpture, sat waiting at the gallery for a decision, someone came in, and fell in love with him, and bought the little guy. So, “Life is a Blancing Act” is SOLD




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The Epiphany Artist August 22, 2007

hahhahaha Good for you! You got the last word– I hope they didnt get a commission…

patdan October 4, 2007

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Judy October 11, 2007

Congratulations on your sale. Too bad they were too threatened by what you could do with polymer clay to let you enter your piece.

Marla October 11, 2007

Hooray for you & hooray for your customer who appreciated Balancing Act for what you made it into, not what you made it out of!And hooray for an open mind!

Julia October 11, 2007

You know, it’s terribly snobbish to think that only “natural” clay is allowed in a show named “clay continuum” It’s in a way like saying acrylic can’t be in a show called “paint continuum”. Polymer is a 40 year old medium – and it hasn’t even reached it’s full potential! It takes the same skills (but less finger crossing as polymer doesn’t tend to explode when firing) as natural clay, and is ever so much more satisfying. Whoops, just preached to the choir!

KeRobinson October 12, 2007

OMG! This is amazing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece! You inspire me! This is a museum piece! Thanks for showing it! 🙂

Magpie October 15, 2007

What a neat piece!! I looked at your skulls too and they are so cool. Very inventive. I love your story about baking the one skull just as a date was picking you up. Quite a way to weed out a mismatch! 😀 Best of luck with all your projects….

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