Artisan Jewelery Guild Competition

by John Rasmussen on April 19, 2011

The results of the Artisan Jeweler’s Guild competition for Mother’s Day are in….I won.

There were several very high quality entries. One of the distinctions in this guild is that ARTISAN jewelry is handmade, but all handmade jewelry is not ARTISAN. An artisan jeweler does not just assemble pieces made from components made by another person/company. An Artisan makes the components of the jewelry piece. Thus from design to finished piece, the components are made/cut/polished/pierced/cast by the artist.

Yes, I do make some beaded items where I assemble someone else’s components, but these are not ARTISAN! While the distinction may seem semantic in nature, it is actually vital to the jewelry community. High end jewelers who design, smith and put together their jewelry are ARTISANS. My congratulations to all who participated in the competition. Please visit the AJG blog and express your support for the Artisan Jeweler.

John Rasmussen
66 year old retired educator (geology and emergency medical care) and practicing paramedic. I came back to my passion, rocks and minerals, then making gemstones and jewelry with them.
John Rasmussen
John Rasmussen

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