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Next Class Booked…

I know, I’m terrible at keeping up to date on this little blog.  I was going to do a review on the entire trip to Rio Grande but getting online isn’t as common as it used to be when I was only doing the stay-at-home mom thing.  It was easier once I started moonlighting in web design, but then I was doing so much on the computer I stopped wanting to blog much at all.  Nowadays not only do I want to spend my time in the studio instead of at my computer, but I’ve gone and given myself a “work schedule” for the time when the kids are at school and I’ve been much better about actually sticking to it since I came home from Albuquerque.  The kids are on break this week and yesterday they were in the studio with me.  I think at least one of them has an artistic future.  My daughter is too young to determine yet, but my son already wants to learn all about metal.  He is nine.  I love him so much!  I have to do the annealing for him (obviously!) but he’s already loving fold-forming…

In other news, I spontaneously sold a piece of jewelry recently.  This time it wasn’t to someone who already knew me, but a woman who had come to our house for one of my husband’s drum circle events.  There were three new women who attended and somehow my jewelry came up in conversation.  The next thing I knew, they were in my studio, admiring my work and counting the cash in their wallets!  One of the ladies DID buy one of my more recent pieces, and all of them left me with that warm feeling that comes from having total strangers saying encouraging things about your work.  It has given me a boost to help in the forward motion I’ve been continuing on since coming back from classes, and is much more powerful than any of the caffeine I’ve been consuming.  I’ve got more pieces in production at the moment, and my husband has said that I should consider putting some out for the drum circles now.  I’ve been leery – I’m not the in-your-face type of salesperson, but I’ve also been asked to perhaps put some of my items in a local business for her clients to be able to purchase there.

Also continuing on the forward momentum, I’ve just signed up for another class – this one on business aspects – at Rio Grande.  This should definitely cover some of the things I worry I’m lacking – knowledge about how to do the business end of things.  I need to have a lot of things ironed out and ready before the big move this summer.

More another time, but I’ll leave you with this image of my son’s work in my studio yesterday…

Fold Forming by my nine-year-old son (with some assistance from me)




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