Ocean Wave Jasper Slabs to Gemstone Cabochons

by georgeingraham on June 12, 2009

Just received this really pretty Ocean Wave Jasper. Have cut a lot of orb Ocean Jasper, but only ever had a couple of Ocean Wave Jasper.

One thing about buying the expensive Orb type Ocean Jasper is that it is hard to find at an affordable price without pitting or vugs. The Ocean Wave Jasper seems to come nice and solid.. Great cabbing material.

One thing I did when shopping for this was knowing I wanted to be able and get as many of the different colored bands that are offered on the slab also within a cabbing area. The dimensions between the colored bands on these will allow me to get three nice colors on a perfect sized cabochon.

If you can not live without this one, you can see it here in store.

Of course if you would like to have one cut for a custom piece of jewelry your designing, just contact me !


Thanks for stopping in and reading !

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