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My passion for gemstones grew from the collecting of Chinese Snuff Bottles. During the time I was buying these interesting bottles for the purpose of building a collection, I started to purchase bottles that were made of different gemstone minerals. Shortly there after, having built a friendship with the gemstone supplier that I was purchasing from, I started to purchase gemstones for resale online. My customers were mostly designers of gemstone jewelry. Being retired, I already had a fixed income. It seemed like a perfect business to build on towards supplementing my existing income. Neither did I have then, nor do I now any desire to get rich from the selling of these beautiful stones. Like the Chinese Snuff Bottles, it became pleasurable to just handle the items, and eventually pass them on to others. It is truly wonderful to handle and examine these different stones, and always rewarding when a designer of custom jewelry purchases stones from me, and then sends me pictures of their finished artwork. I am still amazed at skill these designers have and their ability to project their talents onto beautiful pieces of gemstone art work.

After spending almost two years selling from an eBay store I opened. I still keep it, but have now moved here, to our own independent e-commerce site. Besides having full control over the operations, we are very pleased to be able to pass on considerable savings to our customers as a result of not being required to pay all the various fees associated with selling on eBay.

Where I use to purchase gemstones in quantity for the purpose of resale, I now have a great start up lapidary shop. Yet another step towards being able to reduce prices further and again passing additional savings on to our customers.
Cutting, sanding and polishing my own stones is a whole new world, full of positive daily learning experiences.

I am amazed today when I look back to just a couple of years ago and continue to be very pleased with the progress made and the ability to offer some truly interesting, unique and unusual gemstones.

Of course there is a whole lot more about me, but for the purpose of this page I chose to tell a brief history of how things started and where I am at today.

Through out the process of developing my internet sites, have learned a lot that has truly benefited the inner workings of them.

The one thing most relevant to you viewing this “about me” page is to be assured.. I truly do understand how to work with people over the internet. That has resulted not only in experiencing myself the purchasing of many items, but also have developed an excellent history of treating a whole lot of people with top quality gemstones, mutual respect, fairness, and quite simply, pleasant internet purchasing experiences.

I hope you have learned enough about me to help you feel comfortable with shopping at TaoGem Gemstones, and just as important…. To feel perfectly comfortable with contacting me for anything at all.

Thanks for reading!

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