Diana Kirkpatrick

I’ve been fascinated with weaving, jewelry and jewelry making since childhood.  In the 1970s while working toward my PhD in chemistry, I started an exploration of lapidary arts, silversmithing, and casting.


A long term love affair with Middle Eastern dance began as the result of a chance encounter at a chemistry conference. For several years I danced professionally and operated a business making costumes and accessory pieces using my beading and jewelry-making skills.   I’ve now returned to my first love – handmade jewelry.


My jewelry designs are created from woven, coiled, braided, and wrapped metals – currently, I’m weaving with with fine silver and karat gold.  I’m constantly experimenting with materials and techniques, so many of my creations are one-of-a-kind. 

My Website:  http://www.dianakirkpatrick.com, my e-commerce site.   I also have a Gallery of some of my designs at www.dianakirkpatrick.com/gallery


Visit my Etsy store:   http://www.dianakirkpatrickart.etsy.com for a selection of my handmade art jewelry and carefully selected vintage costume jewelry pieces.


My Blogger blog at www.artyoucanwear.blogspot.com


My goal is to create a work of art whether my design is worn or displayed in some other manner.   Many of my designs are inspired by nature, but I love the glitter of gemstones and crystals and include them whenever I can.






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