Ever since I saw an article about Niobium in Lapidary Journal many years ago, I fell in love. Now, I have been working with Niobium some 5 or 6 years and I’m still experimenting and trying out new things. Most of the time I combine my Niobium products with other metals like Argentium silver, gold, shakudo etc.
It took a few years before my Japanese customers started to appreciate my products because Japan is still a conservative country when it comes to jewellery.

Niobium is so versatile anything is possible: stamping, rolling, forming…you name it.
But at the same time it has also its limitations when applying colours through anodising. For one; the colour pallet is limited with missing to possibility to create red and deep green. An other limitation is that you can not mix or overlap colours. But those limitations are at the same time its challenge.

Last year I bought a Sun jewellery welder. This was a great investment. But I tell you more about that in my next post.


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