The View from the Studio

by bethwicker on December 12, 2008

I am very fortunate to have my studio at – actually under – my house.  It is partially underground (not the best thing, but such is life!), and has three outside walls, and one wall that backs into the crawl space of the house.  The three outside walls each have at least one window.  The wall that houses my bench has a window at the bench that looks out across the yard, drive, and woods.  To my right is a wall with two outside windows looking out across the swimming pool, and down across the bottom land and Thompson Creek.  Sometimes I see deer or a flock (?) of turkeys.  The wall behind my bench faces the pond and across to the state park.  That wall has one window and a double door with windows and steps up to the side yard.

So in three directions I have lovely views!  Always water, sometimes wild geese, deer, turkeys, blue herons, turtles, ducks….  some lovely fogs and mists rising over the pond.  Beautiful sun rises, and depending on the time of year sun sets from the bench window.

I’ve put in a few pictures to give you a sense of the beauty that surrounds me as I work.  I often use what I see as inspiration in my work, especially in the etchings I am experimenting with now.

Pond view looking towards state park

Pond view looking towards state park

wild Canada Geese on the pond

wild Canada Geese on the pond

Pool view with the palm trees I've used in etchings

Pool view with the palm trees I


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