Children’s Beading Workshop

by bethwicker on December 25, 2008

My daughter and I gave a workshop for children in the 2nd grade up on the Monday before Christmas.  We taught them how to design a necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  They learned about symetrical and asymetrical design.  They learned the names of chain nose, round nose and bent nose pliers, and crimping pliers.

Each child made one necklace and then either a bracelet or a pair of earrings.  They learned how to use crimps and the crimping pliers; how to make dangles and loops; and how to add a clasp and earring findings.

We had a selection of beads and plated findings for them to choose from, all included in the workshop cost.

Each student had  a “station” set up, with a hand towel for a mat, and their own set of scissors, bent nose, chain nose and round nose pliers.  They had a grand time going through the different beads and findings, and laying out their designs.

We enjoyed watching them work, and the huge range of designs the girls came up with.

At the end they wrapped the items they had made as presents in Christmas paper and ribbon, and were ready to take their gifts home.  I was impressed that each girl made at least one of her items as a gift.

It was our first beading class for children, and went very well.  We will definitely do it again, and I will work up a list of classes that we can offer to give to the area arts commissions and recreation departments.

Laying out their necklaces and choosing beads.

Laying out their necklaces and choosing beads.

Working on their jewelry.

Working on their jewelry.

One of the Dad's helping his daughter wrap the gift she made.

One of the Dad


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jeanette baugh December 26, 2008 at 3:04 pm

What a wonderful project for a Mother and Daughter during the Holidays! I know you are enjoying having Mary Elizabeth home. Have a Happy New Year and best of luck 2009. jeanette

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