First time as ebay bidder

by bevludlow on September 2, 2007

Well, that was fun! I was on a quest for green kyanite, and came upon the Laurel Canyon Beads ebay listings. Years ago, 2002 in fact, I had set up an ebay account so I could show a friend how to do so; thus, all I had to do was find my user name and password, and get to bidding. I’m sorry to say that I lost out on the bidding for those beads, because they were incredible. I had doubled my initial maximum bid level, and got down to wire in the bidding, but couldn’t justify going even higher, so someone else got them for one dollar more. Of course, now I find myself wondering if that was her highest bid, and I might have gotten them if I went just a bit higher, but I had to cut off somewhere. This bidding thing can be pretty intense.

In the process of bidding, however, I learned a lot about timing. (I also learned that my spam filter was “catching” the notices from ebay about being outbid, which was a bummer.) Luckily, I discovered that on a not-so-wanted item. So here’s my tip of the day: if you ever want to bid on ebay, be sure to add them to your address book, or find out how to “whitelist” them with your provider’s spam filters, so you don’t miss crucial notices.

I did win the bid on one item: beautiful carnelian rectangles. These will make very nice earrings and pendants. Dara responded almost immediately to my inquiry about how to add to my order, so I also ordered a fabulous boulder opal piece and matching beads with her “buy now” buttons.

I’m hoping to get these made up before Apple Hill. Boy, I better get to work making…! We set up at Apple Hill just 3 weeks from now, on Sept. 21st. If the next 3 weeks goes as fast as the last 3, it’ll be here in absolutely no time at all. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by. We’ll be at El Dorado Orchards, Camino, CA., every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October.

Oh yes, I did find some irregularly shaped green kyanite “blades,” so hope to have some of them made up also.




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