A New Look!

by bevludlow on April 25, 2008

I think an alien has taken over my body! I’ve been busy organizing this year! I’ve organized almost everything: storage shed, work space, office shelves, file cabinets, computer files. I’ve even reorganized how I organize! This is so not me. My natural state of affairs is minimally controlled chaos.

Along with all this reorganization, I decided it was time for a new,

more professional look to my cards and web site banner. My son, Scott Becker, the director of marketing for Rubicon Express, gave me the idea of using the tools, and I think it works quite well. What ‘ya think? I’ll be getting the logo for the web site, business cards, bag labels, etc. done, hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, in time for my first 2008 show.

As for new jewelry, I went on my once a year gem buying spree and got some incredible new stones: yellow jade, peanut wood jasper, and some gorgeous grosular garnets. 

You’ll have to come on by a show and see what I’ve made. Actually, I should say, “am making,” as the pieces are mostly in my head at this point. Did I say I’ve been busy organizing?
Today I’ll be making watches. I hope to get at least 3 made: one of simple chain maille, one with pearls, and the third with either the peanut wood jasper and yellow jade or turquoise. 
If you’re in the neighborhood, please come to my newest show: “The Multicultural Arts Festival and World Marketplace,” at the Laguna Town Hall in Elk Grove, CA., on May 10, from 11 AM till 6 PM. Hope to see you there.




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