Rhodium Plating Notes

by broda on January 29, 2016

I’m sure a lot of people have their own methods of what works best. Please share what works best for you and any additional notes to go along:


Electro Clean 120F  4 volts  2 minutes

Rinse in Distilled Water

Activator Room temperature no volt 30 seconds-2minutes

Rinse in Distilled Water

Rhodium Plate: 60F 4.5 volts 20 seconds or so, longest be a minute with multiple pieces

Rinse in Distilled Water

Steam and dry


I hear some people Rhodium plate at room temperature..? I am not familiar with that. I understand we don’t want to Rhodium to evaporate but other than that..





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by broda on January 28, 2016

From Learning to Reflecting: A more permanent and easier way to organize edit and add to notes. Feel free to add to the dialog

Happy Creating!


The Numbers

417 10K Gold

585 14 K Gold

750 18 K Gold

800 Silver

925 Sterling Silver

950/900 PLT


A good way to the “fine-ness”/percentage gold of any of these metals divide by pure metal (.024K)

Example: 14K Gold% .024 K= Roughly .585

Example: 10K/.024=750


Weight conversions

1 Pennyweight(DTW)=1.55 Grams

.643 Pennyweight(DTW)=1 gram Penny weight is a little more than a gram plus half itself

1Gram= .643 Pennyweight (DTW)

20 Pennyweights= 1 Troy ounce

31.1 grams= 1 Troy ounce

A good way to remember the conversion…. If someone can help me out, that would be fantastic!







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