Carving Chalcedony is a blast!

Wanting something new to get under my skin—-I was researching where to get supplies for carving gemstones for jewelry.

Daniel Lopacki has a little blurb about carving and I used his idea and photo to make my own rig. Using hardware store material and a nurse procured a syringe to meter out and direct the water coolant. Built an adjustable mast to hold the plumbing and hypo.

A visit to Walmart provided a little insecticide sprayer I connected to the hypo nozzle. The small size gets under the sink for refills without having to go out or to the tub & lasts several hours.

Making a long R&D short- I am pretty good. I was already a Lapidary instructor and have rocks everywhere. So I can pick something worthy and it will never be just a square of dome again……Ahhh so nice.

If and only If art jewelers will write wanting something mondo- I will sell some.

If not—–I plan to get the torch out and vie for competition…… o/




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