Top 5 Productivity Tips for Jewelry Bloggers…Hat Tip to IFB…

by Robyn Hawk on April 19, 2012

For a lot of us, productivity, time management and balance are some of the most difficult things to master as a blogger. Many of us are working full time, students or self-employed entrepreneurs – not to mention people who like to step out from behind the screen and see actual people and places once and a while.
When the pressure is on to perform and produce results as well as keep your personal life together, how do we do it? Well, I’m no expert, so I turned to some of IFB’s favorite (andcrazy-productive) bloggers for their best tips for staying organized, getting things done and still living life to the fullest!
For the list of tips click though to the IFB Blog...
10 Secrets of Super Productive Style Bloggers | Independent Fashion Bloggers:

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IFB's blog definitely has some great tips but I think that sometimes Fashion and Jewelry Blog ideas come from different are my Top 5 Productivity Tips...

1.  Turn off the Distractions - no TV - no Twitter - no Facebook...etc.  
      If you do this I promise that you will get your writing job done so fast that you will not miss anything...if you try to multi-task it always takes longer.

2.   Content Calendar
      The single best thing I have implemented - you have daily spaces to fill in your posts and blog ideas as they come OR if you are really ambitious you can take one day a fill out the week!

3.   Hashtags and Memes 
      Save yourself having to think by following a couple Hashtags or Memes - Twitter has several Jewelry related hashtags:   #WireWednesday; #WeddingWednesday; #ThursdayColor; #TuesdayTemptations.
Wordless Wednesday - Silent Saturday - Silent Sunday were all blog memes that have sense become Twitter get the picture.

4.   Get Up & Move!
        Sometimes just moving allows me to release some of the restless energy that keeps my ADD brain from focusing - so I have added breaks into my day - whether it is getting up to... take a quick bike ride - dance to my Bhangra Playlist on YouTube - dance to my WorkOut Playlist on Spotify...just get up and move.
5.   Tools
        When you sit down at your Jewelry Workbench, you know that you are the most productive when you have the right tool for the job.  Well, the same is true online, number ONE on my list of productivity tools online in HootSuite - it offers you the ability to manage everything in one place and to schedule posts.

OK - those are mine - what are your best Productivity tips...

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pooja gupta December 7, 2012 at 8:25 am

Very helpful tips.
I like this.

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