Earrings Springing Up from the Bench

April 6, 2011

Cute little ears to nibble on, ears that hear me when I have something very important to say, ears to ignore me when I don’t.  Ears, ears, ears… Earrings have always puzzled me.  Why the ear?  Don’t get me wrong.  I really have no opinion on nose rings, eyebrow rings, lip rings, etc.  Some sort […]

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Project-Based and Technique-Based Classes

March 30, 2011

I had to struggle with this teaching thing early on as I began the studio.  If you’ll remember one of my first posts on here I was going to set it aside, but as James Bond would have said, never say never.  So, I took it all back to the drawing board and came up […]

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Water Garden Pendant and Asheville, NC

March 22, 2011

I finished this pendant before heading out to vacation a bit in Asheville, North Carolina, for Spring Break.  The girls were out of school, and we had some family obligations in the city on the mountain.  Asheville is a huge artistic community.   You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an artist there, and it […]

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…another Garden Ring

March 7, 2011

Always exploring, one foot in front of the other, you never know where you’ll end up.  I love to explore new ways to organize the composition of the stones, new ways to set them, and new ways to create a drama within the work. This one started out as an ingot.  Ok OK, so they […]

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Explorations in the Old Nouveau

March 3, 2011

When we last blogged, our hero was dangling from a 200 foot crevasse by a root of an old hickory tree as lions and tigers gathered at the bottom with forks and knives… Well, maybe not so much the lions and tigers, but a lot has happened since last I blogged.  At Christmas I picked […]

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Garden Rings

March 2, 2011

It’s that time of year when the garden is starting to green up a bit, and flowers are busting a move everywhere here in the Deep South.  Love is in the air, along with a ton of pollen.  And, it’s just March!!! I know, I know, I seem to be apologizing for not posting much […]

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Facebook Auction: Fun with Social Networking

August 20, 2010

August 21st 10AM until  22nd 10 PM Central Time (Chicago, IL USA time) On the Cosmic Folklore Studio Facebook Page On Saturday Morning, I will post pictures of the bracelet to be auctioned with details.  The bidding will begin at 10 AM Central time and will continue until 10PM Sunday evening.  I think that this […]

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It’s all in Transition

August 8, 2010

The hardest part of beginning is figuring out when to stop, because nothing is ever really finished.  Something was done to it before I got it.  It even came from somewhere before that. I just roll it into sheets and pull it into wires.  Cut it out and bend it into shapes.  Grind the stones […]

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Now, That’s a Stone I can Dance To

August 1, 2010

I come from a very free thinking community of people, and I get asked from time to time if I believe that stones can heal.  Of course the first thing that comes to my mind is a beautiful long-haired woman waving stones about to clear away something that only she seems to see, probably with […]

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Snakes in Alloys

July 14, 2010

I took my dog, Scamp, out for an all day hike at Oak Mountain the other day, and I gained a whole new appreciation for the rattlesnake.  Most of the snakes that I have forged into metals have been boa constrictor-ish or python-ish like Kaa from Jungle Book. Still using the tensions between masculine and […]

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