#DailyJewel Just Discovered a Great NEW Designer – Ana Thompson

October 28, 2015

Ana was selected as one of the emerging designers in the IJL KICKSTART 2015 

Ana Thompson is a Colombian jewellery designer based in London, who aims to ‘inspire and create wonder’ by capturing the meaningful details of magnified natural structures found within the macro-micro world and transforming them into elegant and versatile pieces of fine jewellery.

Implementing the use of cutting edge technologies by combining digital manufacturing with traditional craftsmanship, she weaves precious metals into delicate and intricate lattice structures encapsulating precious stones.

Her work focuses on the intersection of design and science, blending contemporary production techniques with a fascination for revealing the hidden beauty and wonders discovered in the unseen world.

Website:    http://www.anathompson.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anathompsonjewellery
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/_anathompson_
Instagram: https://instagram.com/_ana_thompson_/

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#‎AGTASpectrum16‬ …and the Winners are…AGTA Announces 2016 AGTA Spectrum Award™ Winners

October 27, 2015
from a press release

AGTA Announces 2016 AGTA 
Spectrum Award™ Winners 

* only a few photos of the winning pieces were available at publication time, 
the balance will be filled in as they come available

The American Gem Trade Association is delighted to announce the winners of the prestigious AGTA Spectrum Awards™.

Deirdre Featherstone of @featherstonedesign and Stephen Avery of Stephen M. Avery
hard at work for 
The 32nd annual event was held in New York on October 24th and 25th and is regarded as the world’s preeminent colored gemstone and cultured pearl design competition. 

Aron Suna of @sunabros and Ron Arends of @aires_jewelers have some
hard decisions to make in the Cutting Edge division of 

Adjudicating the competition this year were the following: Ronald W. Arends, of Aires Jewelers; Stephen M. Avery, of Stephen M. Avery, Inc.; Deirdre Featherstone, of Featherstone Design; Lauren Kulchinksy-Levison, of MayFair Rocks; and Aron Suna, of Suna Bros. 

The judging goes down to the wire….
Chief Executive Office, Douglas K. Hucker stated, “It is very rewarding to see the continued growth in enthusiasm for our AGTA Spectrum Awards™. This year we had 492 entries; among the largest number ever. Clearly, the level of sophistication amongst the design community, with respect to color, is constantly evolving and the willingness of our designers to push boundaries was evident in this competition. We had a virtual whirlwind of inspiring colors, color combinations, shapes, and textures. Kudos to our hardworking and incredibly capable team of judges who truly make this competition what it is!” 

Winners of the 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ are: 


Best of Show: 
Allen Kleiman, 
A. Kleiman & Co. 
Suite of Paraiba Tourmalines (58.07 ctw.) 
Nautilus shell carvings. 

Best Use of Color: 
Bella Campbell, 
18K yellow gold earrings featuring blue-green Tourmalines (17.05 ctw.) accented with Emeralds (4.14 ctw.). 

Best Use of Pearls: 
Naomi Sarna, 
Naomi Sarna Designs 
Strand of freshwater baroque cultured Pearls with 18K white gold and Diamonds and a freshwater baroque cultured Pearl pendant. 

Best Use of Platinum and Color: 
Andrew Costen,
Costen Catbalue 
Platinum “Symphony of Colour” bracelet featuring a 3.85 ct. green Tourmaline, a 4.88 ct. yellow Zircon, a 4.68 ct. indicolite Tourmaline and a 3.52 ct. rubellite Tourmaline accented with Diamonds (.70 ctw.). 

Best Use of Silver and Color: 
William Travis Kukovich, 
William Travis Jewelry 
Oxidized silver and mixed gold pendant featuring a 4.74 ct. brown Diamond accented with rose cut Diamonds (.40 ctw.). 

Fashion Forward: 

Wheel of Light by Brian Cook of Nature’s Geometry
Brian explains the technique to his “Wheels of Light” collection in the following video:

Brian Cook, 
Nature’s Geometry 
24K yellow gold “Wheel of Light” numinous pendant featuring an 825 ct. Quartz, Paraiba Tourmaline, Hauyn, Ruby, spessartite Garnet, golden rutilated Quartz and fire Agate beads. 


Bridal Wear – 1st Place 
Tony Nemyer, 
Grimball Jewelers 
Platinum and 18K yellow gold ring featuring a 3.55 ct. round purple Spinel accented with Diamonds (.86 ctw.). 

Bridal Wear – 2nd Place 
Laurence Bruyninckx, 
Laurence Bruyninckx 
18K white gold earrings featuring blue Topaz, mint Tourmaline and Diamond tops with interchangeable dangles with Diamonds or mint Tourmalines, blue Topaz and Diamonds. 

Bridal Wear – 3rd Place 
Caroline Chartouni, 
Caroline C 
18K white gold earrings featuring Paraiba Tourmalines (12.07 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (10.62 ctw.). 

Platinum Innovation 
Bridal Wear – Entry 
Michael Endlich,
Pave Fine Jewelry 
Platinum “Sweetness” ring featuring a 1.65 ct. lavender oval Sapphire accented with Diamonds (.06 ctw.). 

Gem Diva Award
Bridal Wear 
Erica Courtney, 
Erica Courtney, Inc. 
Platinum “Champagne Bubble” wedding ring set featuring a 5.54 ct. blue Sapphire cabochon accented with round blue Sapphires (1.0 ctw.) and Diamonds (2.58 ctw.). 

Manufacturing Honors
Bridal Wear 
Michael Jakubowski, 
Gem Fanatic 
14K white and rose gold ring featuring a 2.58 ct. unheated pink Sapphire accented with white and pink Diamonds (.81 ctw.). 

Platinum Honors
Bridal Wear
Kathy Kinev, 
Jewel Creations, Inc. 
Platinum “Chartres” ring featuring a 4.65 ct. blue Zircon accented with Diamonds (0.73 ctw.). 
Savor Silver Award
Bridal Wear 
Hisano Shepherd, 
little h 
Sterling silver cufflinks featuring sliced 12 x 13mm Tahitian baroque Pearls accented with black Diamonds (2.0 ctw.). 


Business/Day Wear – 1st Place 
Ricardo Basta, 
E. Eichberg, Inc. 
18K yellow gold “Enchanted Frog” ring featuring Carnelian, tsavorite Garnets and Diamonds (.18 ctw.). 

Business/Day Wear – 2nd Place 
Heath London, 
Heath London Jewelry 
18K white gold earrings featuring rock crystal Quartz (31.18 ctw.) and rubellite Tourmalines (11.34 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (.91 ctw.). 

Business/Day Wear – 3rd Place 
Kim Hurlbert-Sarosi, 
Sarosi by Timeless Gems 
18K yellow gold ring featuring a 16.10 ct. Imperial Topaz accented with Diamonds (.56 ctw.). 

Entry Platinum Innovation
Business/Day Wear 
Heena Chheda-Shah, 
Platinum “Rival” ring featuring two pear-shaped blue Sapphires (1.10 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (.27 ctw.). 

Gem Diva Award
Business/Day Wear 
Gurmit Kaur Campbell, 
18K yellow gold “Betwixt and Between” ring featuring a South Sea cultured Pearl accented with Diamonds. 

Business/Day Wear – Honorable Mention 
Heath London, 
Heath London Jewelry 
18K yellow gold “Rajasthani Dreams” earrings featuring Paraiba Tourmalines (24.51 ctw.) and pink Tourmalines (16.20 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (.34 ctw.). 

Manufacturing Honors 

Business/Day Wear 
Stuller, Inc.  
Stuller, Inc. 
Platinum ring featuring an 18mm pear-shaped Topaz. 

Platinum Honors
Business/Day Wear 
Michael Endlich, 
Pave Fine Jewelry 
Platinum “Moon Beam” ring featuring a 3.58 ct. Moonstone cabochon accented with Diamonds (.30 ctw.). 

Savor Silver Award 

Business/Day Wear 
Elizabeth Garvin, 
Elizabeth Garvin Fine 
Oxidized sterling silver and 18K yellow gold “Cyclone” cuff featuring Aquamarine and Heliodor (52.0 ctw.) in asymmetrical mirror cuts. 


Classical – 1st Place 
Brent Malgarin, 
Elegant Gems, Ltd. 
Platinum necklace featuring a 12.63mm natural Pearl and a 15.22mm natural Pearl accented with a 4.64 ct. blue Zircon accented with Diamonds (1.05 ctw.). 

Classical – 2nd Place 
Lindsay Jane, 
Ambassador Gems 
Platinum ring featuring a 6.26 ct. Padparadscha Sapphire accented with orange and pink Sapphires (.31 ctw.) and Diamonds (1.01 ctw.). 

Classical – 3rd Place 
Gil , Gil Int’l 
Platinum ring featuring a 3.24 ct. Alexandrite accented with Diamonds (1.11 ctw.). 

Platinum Innovation
Classical – Entry  
Lorenzo Chavez, 
Platinum and 18K yellow gold “Big Sky” pendant featuring carved black Jade and a 5.63 ct. freeform faceted Sapphire accented with Diamonds (1.06 ctw.). 

Gem Diva Award
Naomi Sarna, 
Naomi Sarna Designs 
18K white gold petal brooch featuring white, yellow, pink, brown and green Diamonds accented with Amethysts and multicolored Sapphires. 

Classical – Honorable Mention 
Josette Patterson, 
Mark Patterson 
18K white gold “Aura” earrings featuring pear-shaped rubellite Tourmalines (12.69 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (.86 ctw.). 

Platinum Honors
Wick & Greene Jewelers, 
Wick & Greene Jewelers 
Platinum fleur de lis pendant/pin featuring an unheated 2.66 ct. oval blue Sapphire. 

Savor Silver Award
William Travis Kukovich, 
William Travis Jewelry 
Oxidized silver and 18K yellow gold ring featuring a 14.36 ct. Prehnite cabochon. 


Evening Wear – 1st Place 
Claudia Kretchmer, 
Somewhere in the Rainbow 
Platinum and 24K crystallized gold “RockStar2” pendant featuring a 37.31 ct. color-shift blue Zircon accented with Diamonds (1.95 ctw.). 

Evening Wear – 2nd Place 
Ricardo Basta, 
E. Eichberg, Inc. 
18K rose gold ring featuring a 10.41 ct. rubellite Tourmaline accented with Diamonds (.23 ctw.) and Ruby melee (.05 ctw.). 

Evening Wear – 3rd Place 
Randy Coffin, 
Somewhere in the Rainbow 
Platinum ring featuring a 17.76 ct. bicolor Tourmaline accented with pink Sapphires (.38 ctw.), Paraiba Tourmalines (.29 ctw.) and Diamonds (.13 ctw.). 

Gem Diva Award
Evening Wear 
Lisa Linhardt, 
Linhardt Design 
Oxidized sterling silver “Tempest” sculptural duster ring featuring yellow Sapphires. 

Evening Wear – Honorable Mention 
Alexia Connellan, 
Alexia Connellan, LLC 
18K rose gold “Victoria” bracelet featuring a 16.06 ct. purple-pink Tourmaline accented with Diamonds and purple Tourmalines. 

Manufacturing Honors 
Evening Wear 
Troels D. Larsen, 
Troels D. Larsen Jewelry 
18K yellow and white gold necklace featuring a 10.75 ct. trillion-cut Tanzanite and 23 round Tanzanites (27.80 ctw.) accented with Diamonds (2.75 ctw.). 

Platinum Honors
Evening Wear  
Eddie Sakamoto, 
Somewhere in the Rainbow 
Platinum “Ice-Ice Baby” bracelet featuring a 24.15 ct. Tanzanite accented with Diamonds (6.50 ctw.). 

Savor Silver Award
Evening Wear  
Priyanka Murthy, 
Sterling silver ring featuring a 16.6 ct. blue Topaz accented with Diamonds (.70 ctw.). 


Men’s Wear – 1st Place 
Mark Schneider, 
Mark Schneider Design 
Platinum and 18K yellow gold ring featuring a 5.42 ct. Peridot and a pair of spessartite Garnets (3.66 ctw.) accented with tsavorite Garnets (.75 ctw.), white Diamonds (.38 ctw.) and a .16 ct. yellow Diamond. 

Men’s Wear – 2nd Place 
Llyn L. Strelau,
Jewels by Design 
18K yellow and 19K white gold “Paddle Your Own Canoe” reversible cufflinks featuring carved black Onyx and rock Crystal accented with black and white South Sea keshi Pearls and Diamonds (.24 ctw.). 

Men’s Wear – 3rd Place 
Mark Schneider, 
Mark Schneider Design 
Sterling silver men’s ring featuring a 7.98 ct. freeform fire Opal accented with tsavorite Garnets (.66 ctw.), colored Diamonds (.14 ctw.) and white Diamonds (.06 ctw.). 

Men’s Wear – Manufacturing Honors 
Craig Slavens, 
Studio 247 Fine jewelry 
18K yellow gold and platinum ring featuring a 7.29 ct. unheated Sri Lankan color-change violet-blue Sapphire accented with Diamonds (.93 ctw.). 

Platinum Honors
Men’s Wear  
David Hines, 
Nvit Blanche 
Platinum with 18K white gold “Cobra” ring featuring Alexandrites (.25 ctw.). 

Savor Silver Award
Men’s Wear 
William Travis Kukovich, 
William Travis Jewelry 
Oxidized silver and 18K yellow and rose gold ring featuring a 20.98 ct. golden sheen Sapphire. 


All Other Faceted: 

All Other Faceted – 1st Place 
John Dyer, 
John Dyer & Co. 
21.96 ct. multi-faceted cushion-cut Imperial Topaz. 

All Other Faceted – 2nd Place 
Hemant Phophaliya, 
A G Color, Inc. 
40.58 ct. round checkerboard Tanzanite. 

All Other Faceted – 3rd Place 
Darrell Jang, 
Darrell Jang 
42.39 ct. cut-corner octagon Tourmaline. 


Carving – 1st Place 
Allen Kleiman, 
A. Kleiman & Co. 
Suite of Paraiba Tourmalines (58.07 ctw.) Nautilus shell carvings. 

Carving – 2nd Place 
Glenn Lehrer, 
Lehrer Designs, Inc. 
48.86 ct. “Soul Angel” Opal carving. 

Carving – 3rd Place 
Rodney Rahmani, 
Brilliant Stars 
67.11 ct. carved unheated Burmese Sapphire. 

Carving – Honorable Mention 
Glenn Lehrer, 
Lehrer Designs, Inc. 
53.57 ct. “Georgia’s Dream” transparent gem silica Chrysocolla carving. 

Classic Gemstone:

Classic Gemstone – 1st Place 
Joseph Ambalu, 
Amba Gem Corp. 
8.06 ct. unheated Burmese Sapphire. 

Classic Gemstone – 2nd Place 
David Nassi, 
100% Natural, Ltd. 
22.73 ct. unheated yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka. 

Classic Gemstone – 3rd Place 
Sailesh Lakhi, 
Sparkles and Colors USA, Inc. 
13.28 ct. unheated Burmese royal blue Sapphire. 

Innovative Faceting: 

Innovative Faceting – 1st Place 
Dalan Hargrave, 
Sunstone Butte Mining 
63.63 ct. “Celestial City” Sunstone carving. 

Innovative Faceting – 2nd Place 
Dalan Hargrave, 
B. Harju 
22.45 ct. herringbone cut Tourmaline. 

Innovative Faceting – 3rd Place 
John Dyer, 
John Dyer & Co. 
120.98 ct. “New Era” Tanzanite, cut with inverse facets.

Objects of Art:

Objects of Art – 1st Place 
Ziad H. Noshie, 
Almaza Jewelers 
The “Hanging Panda” featuring Mother-of-Pearl with 18K rose gold. The panda is made of 18K white gold with black and white Diamonds (3.69 ctw.). The bamboo is made of white Diamonds (.20 ctw.) and tsavorite Garnets (.28 ctw.). It sits on a silver stand.

Objects of Art – 2nd Place 
Ralph Wobito, 
Wobito Gems, Ltd. 
Perfume bottle featuring colorless Topaz (109.61 ctw.) and Diaspore (36.78 ctw). 

Pairs & Suites: 

Pairs & Suites – 1st Place 
Allen Kleiman,
A. Kleiman & Co. 
Pair of unheated oval Morganites from Madagascar. 

Pairs & Suites – 2nd Place 
Mikola Kukharuk, 
Suite of vintage pear-cut grossular mint Garnets (50.26 ctw.). 

Pairs & Suites – 3rd Place 
Ajay Bansal, 
Best In Gems 
Pair of matched pear-shaped cabochon Opals (84.63 ctw.). 


Phenomenal – 1st Place 
Robert Shapiro, 
Robert Shapiro 
Pair of black Opals (33.40 ctw.). 

Phenomenal – 2nd Place 
Sailesh Lakhi, 
Sparkles and Colors USA, Inc. 
14.93 ct. Moonstone. 

Phenomenal – 3rd Place 
Steve Wallner, 
Westview Gems 
5.29 ct. green-blue color-shift Sapphire. 

This year’s AGTA Spectrum Awards™  will be presented during the 2016 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson to be held February 2 ‐ 7 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. 

Winning entries will be displayed during the show and AGTA Spectrum Awards™ recipients will be recognized during the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Gala, on Saturday, February 6. Tickets for the gala are $100 and cocktail attire is encouraged.  AGTA Spectrum Awards™ entries were judged on the basis of overall beauty and wearability, innovative design, effective use of materials, quality of gemstones, quality of workmanship, broad‐ base consumer appeal and potential to generate positive publicity for natural colored gemstones. 

AGTA Cutting Edge Awards™ honor excellence and creativity in lapidary arts, including natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls, carvings and other gem materials. 

Bridal Wear Sponsored by The Knot ‐ Whether gracing the bridesmaids or donning the bride, herself, this category captures all looks coming down the aisle. Engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and tiaras were considered. 

Platinum Honors were once again awarded with the support of Platinum Guild International.  All entries whose primary metal was platinum were eligible in this category. 

WJA Gem Diva Awards celebrates its fourth year of association with the competition, with the support of WJA. WJA Gem Diva Awards were presented in the Bridal Wear, Evening Wear, Classical and Business/Day Wear categories. All women who entered the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition were eligible for this category simply by marking the check‐box for Gem Diva on their entry form. 

Savor Silver Awards is a new category this year with the support of Silver Service Promotion. All entries were primarily silver honoring this distinctive metal. 

All designs that qualified for the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition were considered for Manufacturing Honors. This award celebrates outstanding use of colored gemstones and cultured pearls in jewelry appropriate to be manufactured in production quantities. 

Fashion Forward Honors recognizes the outstanding use of colored gemstone and/or cultured pearl in artful, trend‐setting jewelry. All necklaces, earrings, bracelets or other jewelry that qualified for judging in the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ competition automatically qualified for Fashion Forward Honors judging. 

* – Photos from AGTA and various designers

For further information regarding the 2016 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson or the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Gala, please call (800) 972‐1162 or visit the website at www.agta.org. 

The American Gem Trade Association is a not‐for‐profit Association serving the natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl industry since 1981. The AGTA serves the industry as “The Authority In Color” and has its headquarter office in Dallas, Texas.
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ALROSA’s Andrey Polyakov Named Vice President of World Diamond Council At Conclusion of AGM

October 22, 2015
from a release provided by representatives of the World Diamond Council

World Diamond Council Annual General Meeting Concludes;
ALROSA’s Andrey Polyakov Named Vice President
The World Diamond Council (WDC) concluded its 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Moscow, Russia during which the WDC Board unanimously approved Mr. Andrey Polyakov of ALROSA as Vice President of the WDC.

WDC’s Corporate Secretary Mr. Udi Sheintal, Treasurer Mr. Ronnie Vanderlinden, 
Vice President Mr. Andrey Polyakov, Executive Director Ms. Patricia Syvrud,
and President Mr. Edward Asscher
Mr. Polyakov, VP for ALROSA, fills the position left vacant by Mr. Andrew Bone’s recent retirement from De Beers and the WDC Board. Per the WDC Bylaws, Mr. Polyakov will
succeed Mr. Edward Asscher, current WDC President, when Mr. Asscher’s two year term as
President expires in May of 2016.

“I look forward to continuing to ensure the mandate of the WDC, which is to prevent conflict
diamonds from entering the supply chain, through the WDC’s critical role of representing the industry at the Kimberley Process,” stated Mr. Polyakov.

Mr. Asscher stated “I am confident that the WDC will continue to lead the fight against conflict diamonds under the future strong leadership of Mr. Polyakov, who will succeed my presidency in May 2016. The Board congratulates Mr. Polyakov in this important role.”

The meeting opened with the participants of the AGM being addressed by ALROSA President Mr. Andrey Zharkov, and the Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Mr. Alexey Moiseev. Also at the meeting Mr. Erik Jens, head of Diamond and Jewellery Clients for ABN Amro Bank and Mr. Andrew Bone, Executive Director of the Responsible Jewellery Council gave presentations on financing and responsible sourcing in the diamond supply chain.

During the WDC Board meeting, which took place alongside the AGM, Mr. Udi Sheintal, WDC Corporate Secretary, was named WDC General Counsel, replacing Cecilia Gardner, who stepped down from the role in June of this year. 

The meeting also focused on the upcoming Kimberley Process Plenary meeting which will take place in Luanda, Angola in November; members discussed the situation in the Central African Republic and the recently created KP Monitoring Team for that country. It was agreed that under no circumstances will the WDC accept that any conflict diamonds from CAR enter the rough diamond pipeline.

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October 22, 2015

from News released on Faberge.com


Fabergé, the world’s most iconic artist jeweler, brings its high and fine jewelry including the Imperial and much-loved Heritage collections to Dorfman, Boston from October 2015.

Shoppers were stunned and surprised a week ago, when an armored car dropped off a #NEW Fabergé egg Wednesday morning.  The first in 99 years, the Spring Egg is one of a collection of four new Imperial-class Eggs called the Four Seasons, the collection can be had for a mere $2.96 million. 

#NEW Fabergé egg at Dorfman’s in Boston jewel via CBS Boston.
Spring is made up of 138.36 karats of emeralds, 36 princess cut Paraiba tourmalines, and 5,638 round white diamonds, set in 18 karat rose and white gold.

According to an in depth article by Logan Sachon at JCK:  “Part of the mission of the company is to create Fabergé again as it was in the early 1900s, having that level of prestige,” Jon Omer,U.S. vice president in charge of wholesale for Fabergé tells JCK.“When Gemfields bought the brand, we say our project was to rescue it from a black hole, to re-create everything: image, design, marketing. And one of the last parts has been to begin creating the Imperial-class Eggs again.”

Fabergé was reintroduced as a prestige luxury brand, and the brand was realigned with the Fabergé family when Pallinghurst sold the majority of its stake to Gemfields in 2012.  It is a point of particular pride that members of the Fabergé family have endorsed the effort.

“Tatiana Fabergé and Sarah Fabergé, great granddaughters of Peter Carl Fabergé, are part of our board, they look at everything we are making and put their blessing on it, and when you purchase a piece from Fabergé, you receive a certificate of authenticity from the two sisters,” says Omer.

The first Imperial-class Egg under the new Fabergé regime was created in collaboration with, and purchased by, the pearl collector Hussain Al-Fardan and presented at Baselworld in February 2015. The Fabergé Pearl Egg featured 139 white pearls, 3,305 diamonds, carved rock crystal, and mother-of-pearl set on white and yellow gold. The “surprise” inside the egg, a hallmark of the original Fabergé Imperial Eggs, was a 12.17 ct. gray pearl. (In the Four Seasons collection, the buyers are invited to choose the surprise they want inside each egg, Omer says.)

“Once these eggs are sold, we will start on a new egg,” he says. “We will do what Carl did and produce a new egg each year.”

Each egg takes 25 artisans approximately one year to produce.”

This teaser for one of the Four Seasons Eggs was published by the Jewellery Editor
What do you think? …they changed their minds and decided on Green for Spring?
(Ruby egg, which when opened reveals a mechanically powered presentation podium)

With a history bridging three centuries and the richest of operatic narratives, intricately woven with romance, intrigue, opulence and the fall of an empire, Fabergé perfectly understands the importance of history, heritage, legend and legacy. Each Fabergé object today, an enduring heirloom, marks a moment in time that will last for generations to come.

Sean Gilbertson, Fabergé’s CEO, said:
“We are delighted to see Fabergé landing in Massachusetts’ capital. Boston played such an important part in the nation’s founding and with revolutions in both our histories we have something in common. We are excited to begin this new chapter in the USA. For nearly four decades, the Dorfman family has presided the premises at 24 Newbury Street. With Jonathan and Douglas, still overseeing the family’s salon, much like the original Fabergé brothers did, we are sure their local and international clientele will welcome Fabergé’s unique fusion of exceptional workmanship and design with beautiful gemstones.”

24 Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
+1 617 536 2022

For more information, visit: www.dorfmanjewelers.com
Fabergé collections are available online or in the international boutiques.

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#GalleryOpening The Gallery at Reinstein|Ross Honors The Gem Visions of Robert Bentley!

October 20, 2015

The Gallery at Reinstein & Ross Invites you to the opening of their new show…Robert Bentley Gems! 

“Robert Bentley: By Nature” — Opens October 22nd (with an Artist Reception 6-8pm) and continues through November 22nd. The exhibition will feature approximately 60 examples of Bentley’s gemstones as well as a smaller collection of Bentley’s work, as incorporated into finished jewelry by the Reinstein|Ross workshops. Truly an artist, Bentley works to allow the unique and natural character of the stones to exhibit themselves to the world.”

This is my opinion but I am sure you will agree…whether it is his “Plate” cuts or basic cabochons (is there anything “basic” about a Robert Bentley Gem)…there is no one doing what Robert Bentley does.

Plate Cut Beads
From the more formal shaped plate cut beads to the frenzy of the thinner front to back drilled plates.


Hex Faceted Tubes 
These – especially in Tourmaline and Aquamarine – are my favorites. They look like raw tourmaline and aquamarine crystals that are shaped, faceted (in long facets following the tube shape) and polished. They also offer this shape with hexagonal facets.

Faceted Beads
These are some of the most dynamic beads – big beads with large free-form facets that, when used in a necklace would send light to the face.

Hammered Beads
Huge gemmy chunks of gemstone with a rough hammered finish – yet still clear, clean and polished!


…and hammered Chalcopyrite!
Crystal clear round lentil shaped beads of some of the gemmiest (is that a word?) material. This is the grade of gem that usually gets sent to the faceters for use in individual cut stones.
RARE – this isn’t just rare stones, but stones that are rarely cut into beads! …strands of watermelon tourmaline…

…and then there are the beads that honor the inclusions!
“Robert Bentley began his love affair with gemstones while accompanying his grandfather to rock hound meetings in the 1950’s. He graduated from Pratt Institute in 1972 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. While he continued to paint and sculpt (he still does today), his fascination with gemstones took precedence and The Robert Bentley Company showroom was opened in New York City in 1994.

For nearly twenty years, The Robert Bentley Company has been working with an international community of talented stone cutters to provide the fine art jeweler with better, gem-quality colored stones. The extensive inventory spans a broad spectrum, from fine facets and uniquely crafted cabochons to natural crystal structures, distinctive crystal surface pieces, fine beads, druseys, and an array of phenomenal inclusions. “

Downtown Store, Workshop and Gallery
30 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY 10014

Website:  http://www.ReinsteinRoss.com

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/ReinsteinRoss

Gallery Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/RR-Gallery/276001999267778?fref=ts

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#YourLocalJeweler The Golden Touch and Galerie de la Terre Celebrates Beach Opening in #CoronadelMar!

October 19, 2015

#YourLocalJeweler The Golden Touch and Galerie de la Terre Celebrating Beach Opening in #CoronadelMar!Ethiopian Opal Beauties by Christie…If you live in the Southland – I hope – you’ve been by Nevada Mineral & Books (342 S Tustin S…

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New Design, Enhanced Content and Responsive Design at NEW JCKonline.com

October 13, 2015

From a Press Release

New JCKonline.com 

Features Refreshed Design, Enhanced Content 

and Responsive Design

JCK magazine and Reed Exhibitions recently announced the launch of a new, redesigned website, jckonline.com. Key features of the site include a cleaner and more sophisticated design, a more engaging user experience with enhanced search and navigation, and responsive design.

The content has been simplified into three main buckets—Industry, Retail, and Fashion—all accessed through the News & Trends navigation tab. Show information and editors’ blogs are also now easier to access. “We’ll never relinquish our ties to print, but we know that an impressive digital presence is key to growing JCK’s reputation among a new generation of jewelers,” said Victoria Gomelsky, Editor-in-Chief, JCK magazine.
“We are thrilled to introduce a new website platform that provides cohesive and seamless navigation between JCK magazine and JCK Events, allowing for a better user experience whether you are on your computer or mobile device. You’ll notice that the new sites are more visually eye-catching, with larger graphic displays, to showcase the true beauty of the jewelry designs laced throughout the content,” said Yancy Weinrich, Senior Vice President of JCK Events at Reed Exhibitions.
The new JCK website showcases more impactful and unique ad units, including the new JCK Branding Ad Unit. This unit allows advertisers to take center stage on the very first page of each unique visitor’s daily visit and engage JCK’s powerful audience of retailers.
“The ongoing trend in online advertising is a move away from click-through rates and toward branding opportunities. The new JCKonline provides our advertisers with larger ad units, including an IAB “Super Leaderboard,” an IAB “Half Page,” and our own custom Branding Ad Unit. These units offer advertisers branding opportunities to showcase their beautiful jewelry or essential services,” said Mark Smelzer, Publisher of JCK magazine and JCKonline.com.


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Colored Gemstones, Signed Jewelry, Antique Jewels and Diamonds…Bidders Wanted It All At Bonhams’ London Fine Jewelry Auction

October 12, 2015

from a Press Release by Bonham’s

Colored Gemstones, Signed Jewelry, Antique Jewels
and Diamonds…Bidders Wanted It All 
At Bonhams’ London Fine Jewelry Auction 

The sale achieved £5.16 million, with 87% lots sold by value and 109 lots going to new owners.

The Hope Spinel was the highlight of the sale, smashing its pre-sale estimate of £150,000-£200,000 as a result of competitive bidding on the phones. It sold for £962,500, achieving a new world record price of $30,000 per carat. This exceptional gem was bought by a private telephone bidder.

The second top lot of the auction was another icon: an Art Deco enamel, gem-set and diamond ‘Tutti Frutti’ bracelet by Cartier. Made in New York in 1929, the bracelet, with a highly articulated geometric strap and vine motifs, was sold for £458,500 to a telephone bidder.

The market for top quality, natural pearls continues to remain strong according to the September sale results. A circular natural pearl ring, measuring 16.71 x 10.94mm, and set between baguette-cut diamonds shoulders sold for four times its pre-sale estimate of £50,000 to £70,000, achieving £206,500.

Signed jewelry also performed extremely well with a rare diamond ‘Torsade’ bangle, by Suzanne Belperron, circa 1932, capturing the attention of bidders worldwide. The highly desirable collectors’ piece was estimated at £40,000-£60,000, but after bidding from the saleroom, online and over the phones, the bangle sold for £164,500.

Other key lots included: 

• A sapphire and diamond ring, by Boucheron. The rectangular step-cut sapphire, weighing 7.54 carats, between tapered baguette and brilliant-cut diamond shoulders outstripped its pre-sale estimate of £40,000-£60,000 and sold for £110,500.

• A Belle Époque diamond single-stone ring, circa 1910. The old hexagonal-cut diamond, weighing 8.18 carats, had a pre-sale estimate of £30,000-£50,000 and sold for £80,500.

Jean Ghika, Bonhams Head of Jewelry for UK and Europe, says: “We had an exceptional sale with a number of very rare items that naturally attracted interest worldwide. Demand for colored gemstones, signed jewelry and period pieces continued to remain strong. The sale represented a great start to the jewelry auction season this autumn and winter.”

“Period and art deco earrings were also strong performers at the auction according to Bonhams. Examples included a pair of Art Deco diamond pendent earrings, by Cartier, circa 1925, which sold for more than five times their pre-sale estimate of £20,000-£30,000, being successfully bought by a telephone bidder for £134,500. Further on in the sale, a pair of early 19th century girandole earrings, with a pre-sale estimate of £18,000-£20,000, achieved £86,500.”

Jean Ghika of Bonhams says: “These two sets of earrings were wonderful examples of classic period earrings, beautifully designed and in their original condition. These factors make them highly desirable along with the fact that they are extremely wearable today.”
Bonhams is now expecting the strong market to be reflected during its next two Fine Jewelry sales in New York on 13th October and Hong Kong on 30th November.

Bonhams sells more jewelry lots each year than any other international house and has more dedicated jewelry auctions annually.

CLICK HERE for the full results of September’s Fine Jewelry Sale at Bonham’s London

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Bonhams, founded in 1793, is one of the world’s largest auctioneers of fine art and antiques. The present company was formed by the merger in November 2001 of Bonhams & Brooks and Phillips Son & Neale. In August 2002, the company acquired Butterfields, the principal firm of auctioneers on the West Coast of America. Today, Bonhams offers more sales than any of its rivals, through two major salerooms in London: New Bond Street and Knightsbridge; and a further three in the UK regions and Scotland. Sales are also held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Carmel, New York and Connecticut in the USA; and Germany, France, Monaco, Hong Kong and Australia. Bonhams has a worldwide network of offices and regional representatives in 25 countries offering sales advice and valuation services in 60 specialist areas. For a full listing of upcoming sales, plus details of Bonhams specialist departments go to www.bonhams.com
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Today’s #DailyJewel Comes From Jewelry Designer Pamela Huizenga #TheDailyJewel

October 11, 2015

You can’t help but be drawn to the natural organic feel of Pamela Huizenga’s jewelry designs…she incorporates some of the rarer gems and even fossils in her designs!Website: http://www.pamelahuizenga.com/Facebook: https:/…

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#Auction Upcoming Fine Jewelry Auction at Bonham’s NY Features Hollywood Royalty

October 9, 2015
via Press Release from Bonhams

The October 13 Fine Jewelry auction at Bonhams New York features an extensive and distinguished collection of diamond rings, alongside an assortment of one-of-a-kind character pieces, such as a glamorous retro, amethyst gold ring once owned by Hollywood starlet Marlene Dietrich.

Among the top lots is an elegant green diamond and diamond ring, signed Golkonda, weighing more than three carats and set within a circular pink diamond surround (estimate $350,000-$450,000, photo above). Golkonda pieces are recognized for superior cutting and polishing with an impressive understanding of balance and design. The brand merges ancient tradition and modern technology in each jewel.

Also of note is a suite of 18-karat gold, tiger’s eye and diamond jewels, signed by Kutchinsky and featuring a remarkable pendant set with a carved tiger’s eye drop and suspending a gold rope tassle (estimate $8,000-$12,000, photo to left).

“The eclectic nature of this sale offers something for everyone, whether it is a tradition colorless diamond, a fabulous piece of signed jewelry, or a chic splash of color,” said Bonhams’ Vice President, U.S. Jewelry Department Susan F. Abeles.

Other auction highlights include:

A retro amethyst and 18-karat gold ring, circa 1940
estimate $3,000-$5,000

• Centering a rectangular-cut amethyst, accented by a scrolling gallery; possibly Paul Flato; 

   amethyst weighs approximately 60.00 carats; size 9;
• Formally the property of Marlene Dietrich gifted to members of the present family;
• Marlene Dietrich was known worldwide for her influential style both on and off the stage 
   and silver screen. She often adorned herself with large colorful chunky gemstones set in 
   dramatic designs from Paul Flato, Trabert Hoffer & Mauboussin, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

A diamond ring, Harry Winston, 1949 (shown on the Catalog Cover)
estimate $70,000-$90,000

• Of crossover design, set with two triangular-cut diamonds, weighing 3.64 and 4.80 carats; with baguette-cut diamond shoulders;
• Estimated remaining diamond weight: 1.19 carats; size 7 ¼.

An Emerald & Diamond Ring
estimate $250,000 – 350,000
• Featuring a cushion cut Columbian Emerald weighing 32.20 carats
within an openwork pavé-set diamond mount, with marquise-cut diamond detail

ABOUT BONHAMS FINE JEWELRYBonhams handles and sells more jewelry lots each year than any other international house and has more dedicated jewelry auctions annually. Bonhams Jewelry Department is a highly regarded and respected force in the global market place. With dedicated teams based in Asia, Europe and America, Bonhams is able to offer a service of unparalleled responsiveness.

Bonhams, founded in 1793, is one of the world’s largest auctioneers of fine art and antiques. The present company was formed by the merger in November 2001 of Bonhams & Brooks and Phillips Son & Neale. In August 2002, the company acquired Butterfields, the principal firm of auctioneers on the West Coast of America. Today, Bonhams offers more sales than any of its rivals, through two major salerooms in London: New Bond Street and Knightsbridge; and a further three in the UK regions and Scotland. Sales are also held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Carmel, New York and Connecticut in the USA; and Germany, France, Monaco, Hong Kong and Australia. Bonhams has a worldwide network of offices and regional representatives in 25 countries offering sales advice and valuation services in 60 specialist areas. For a full listing of upcoming sales, plus details of Bonhams specialist departments go to  www.bonhams.com

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