YOJ09-29 Freeform Bangle

by diannekargbaron on July 19, 2009

in Year of Jewelry 2009

YOJ09-29 Freeform Bangle (2009)

Freeform Bangle (2009)
Constructed, cold joined, liver of sulphur patination

I’ve been in Haliburton for the last week teaching the Wire Jewellery course, so this week’s entry is one of the projects made during the week.  This is the “freeform” bangle we made on Thursday.

Week 2 and Wire Jewellery II start tomorrow.  Four of the ladies from last year have signed up again, and one from last week is in the class as well.  So there are going to be lots of familiar faces!

I’ll write more about the classes after next week when I’m home again.




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