Manifestazione Buccellati-Perseo a Firenze il 7-8 Settembre

L’Avvenimento si terrà a Firenze il 7 e l’ 8 Settembre 2006.
La Buccellati Watches presenterà in anteprima mondiale il nuovo Modello di Orologio che porterà il nome
La sera del 7 Settembre, dalle 18.30 alle 21.00, all’Hotel Continentale di Lungarno Acciaiuoli si terrà un party di presentazione per la stampa internazionale, il giorno seguente 8 Settembre alle 11,30 in Palazzo Vecchio e per l’esattazza nel Salone dei Dugento sarà confermata la presentazione e contestualmente avverrà il conferimento, da parte del Cav. GIANMARIA BUCCELLATI in persona, agli Studenti della Scuola Perseo dei diplomi relativi al Corso di perfezionamento ” La Gioielleria Buccellati ” . Presenzieranno il Sindaco Leonardo Domenici e l’Assessore Silvano Gori. Interverranno personalità della Cultura, dell’Arte e della Gioielleria Fiorentina per ritrovare il legame tra lo “Stile Buccellati” e l’Oreficeria Fiorentina.




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JEWELLERY SCHOOL PERSEO February 4, 2010 at 10:39 am


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Want to be Creative, Self-sufficient, appreciated and required in any part of the World….
There is only one opportunity: the School for the Art of Jewelry Perseo in Florence.

School Perseo is unique in its kind.
Is managed only by artisans – artists, industry professionals goldsmith who satisfy all your requests. School Perseo is today the best expression of vocational training that exists in Florence for everything related to jewelry.
Our school is a “training agency accredited” Compliance to ministerial vocational training, all the Italian Regions have published the rules for the accreditation of training agencies.
Only these agencies are authorized to organize courses for the achievement of diplomas recognized.
Currently our school is a private agency accredited for the implementation of programs for gold jewelry and all related subjects.
Organize professional training courses since 1997.
Find the course that most interests you and make an estimate made by the School.
All quotations issued are inclusive of Silver, synthetic stones, semi-finished and Tax.
The school will present a range of options tailored very clearly and without any final surprise. Costs for the courses to be selected to be considered an investment in the future.
The courses are designed both to those who come for the first time at the jeweler, and persons who have a good knowledge and want to specialize.
The school has become a reference point for all who are close to Goldsmith world with the intent to make it a profession.
The secret of our success?
Surely the fact of teaching the best job in the world helps us a lot, but we also put our own: our staff are all Craftsmen Artists with minimum 20 years of experience in high Jeweler.
This sets us apart from all other schools often impromptu.
And ‘thanks to our teachers if the school has received many awards and recognitions and has never stopped growing in recent years.
We are well known in the jewelry, we have the best contacts with all the realities industries: wholesalers of precious metals and precious stones, equipment suppliers and semi-professionals such as setters, engravers, jewelers.
We have been operating since 1998 with the courses: Jewelry, Gold, Precious Stones Stone Setting, Design Manufacture Waxes, Engraving, Traforo Fiorentino and Gemology.
What is released at the end of the course the pupil is issued a certificate of attendance, useful for registering local crafts.

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