Does the internet really need another blog?

by kathyjohnson on November 3, 2008

    Now that I’ve read a little bit of the user manual I think I know how to use this thing, although it seems to have some bugs I need to work out, like the weird date format. The question remains: why am I doing this?

    Why would anyone start an online blog? For some people it seems to be an ego trip. their own little dictatorship on the web where they can shout their opinions and delete the comments of anyone who disagrees with them. For others it’s just their way of making a small mark on the world, and for a few that I’ve seen, it’s a diary that probably shouldn’t be made public.  In my case I want to make Feathered Gems more ‘real’ for the customers and potential customers who haven’t met me in person at greyhound adoption events, or at dog or cat or bird shows.

    I want to let people know that there is a real person behind this tiny little jewelry business. Just one person, one American woman from Michigan one who makes the jewelry, designs and codes the web page, does the books, pays the bills, orders the supplies, sets up the advertising, packs and ships the mail orders, hauls the jewelry and half a ton of tables and displays around the Eastern half of the US to sell it, and oh yeah, as of today, writes in a blog about all of it.

    That’s me. I’m Feathered Gems.

    Well, no, that’s not 100% true. My husband Wayne helps in a big way. Whenever possible, he pours the molten metal to cast the charms. I can do it, but I prefer not to. I set the linoleum floor on fire once while pouring silver; I’d rather not do it again. He’s better at pouring metal than I am, and I’m more than happy to let him have that job. When he pours the metal he also helps with the clean-up, which is greatly appreciated. And he plays ‘roadie’ for some of my bigger shows, like “Greyhounds Reach the Beach” and “Canine Fun Days”, helping me load the van, set up canopies and haul things. The man is simply awesome.

    Best of all, he’s supportive of my efforts to own and operate my own business, and looks forward to the day that he can retire and live on my income. 🙂 (I really hope we both live to 150 so that he can see can happen…) But when it comes to making the finished jewelry (‘the fiddly bits’, as Wayne calls it) and doing all the boring business stuff, it’s all mine.




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