Pledge to Buy Handmade

by kathyjohnson on November 4, 2008

     So…what’s the last thing you bought that was made totally by hand in the country where you live?

     I just learned about from the blog of another jeweler, Ginger Meek Allen. I think it’s a great idea, and I decided I want to promote it too.

     Of course I would like people to buy the jewelry that I make by hand, but this is about much more than that. The US economy is tanking and I think one of the main reasons is that we’re not supporting ourselves. We’re buying more and more things that are made in other countries, and moving more and more jobs to other countries. We’re sending our money away instead of keeping it here. Assuming that you, dear reader, live in the USA, wouldn’t you rather buy American-made goods and keep Americans working? It just makes sense to me.

     I just took a pledge to buy handmade whenever I can. If I need to buy something that I can’t find as a handmade product, (I’m thinking that things such as TVs might be a tad difficult to make by hand) I will look for a ‘made in the USA’ label.

If enough of us do this, it could start a trend that could help to turn the economy around!

     Oh yes, and while I’m preaching about supporting America, let me remind you to go and vote if you haven’t already.




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