Beth Lauren: Fabulous Fibers!

by fortheloveofjewels on August 19, 2008

Beth Lauren

I found Beth Lauren on one of my favorite stand by sites, metalcyberspace. Her work jumps off the page from the others partly because her focus is the use of fiber to create eclectic, fabulous pieces. I asked her about her interest in fibers:

I think fibers add a less refined quality to jewelry. Traditionally jewelry is only hard metals, so I’m drawn towards shifting that perception to something a little more organic.

I hope to achieve a style of jewelry that can be worn casually or with higher end pieces. Something that translates and conforms with what a person is wearing. I would say my style is certainly eclectic and a fusion of different genres just as you said. And that way the jewelry itself can translate and work on different personal styles including bohemian, high fashion, hipster, preppy, or whatever it may be.

-what appeals to you about combining fibers with antique pieces?

It’s just the fusion of styles and materials. I think the rich vintage pieces juxtapose nicely with the use of soft fibers which then also contrasts with the use of 14K gold filled metals.

-your use of stones in your diamond shaped pendants and earrings almost appears to be woven. Does that come from your focus on fibers?

That came from an attempt to frame the vibrant colors in gold, which I think elevated the colors, giving them a richer quality. But it does also transition back to the woven and soft fiber pieces.

-when did you first begin designing jewelry and when did you know it would be your career path?

I first started designing over my summers off from college. I knew I wanted to do something artistic, and there weren’t too many of those opportunities in Washington DC that also involved making money. I did that for two summers, selling to local boutiques in the area, and then after graduation I simply grew tired of searching for jobs and started it back up again. It was pretty soon after that I was accepted to have a trunk show at a high end New York department store, and I then realized that this could possibly work as a career path.

-what was the most important thing you learned from your studies in Italy?

In Italy, I worked with hard metals in jewelry design class which is probably what pushed me to begin working with softer elements. I was actually pretty frightened of working with all of the sharp tools, and machines, so now I tend to do everything by hand without soldering, sawing, etc!

-you have been extraordinarily successful getting your product in magazines and retail outlets. What has been your path to get to the level of success you experience now?

I would just say taking risks, and investing back into the business.

-how important is it, do you think, to showcase in magazines? Cost versus reward?

It really depends on the magazine itself. But it certainly all helps to brand your company, and get its name out there, so that you can become more recognized and established. However, I certainly feel that I’m still a long way off from becoming a more recognized brand.

-how has the economy affected your business?

It has influenced me to create lesser expensive jewelry that isn’t in precious metals, since people don’t want to spend as much on jewelry these days.

-what advice do you have for fledgling jewelry designers?

Just to follow your own creativity, and what you’re attracted to. And to research the market and competitors, and know who you’re up against!

Beth makes the most extraordinary pieces and has the marketing savvy to put herself out there ahead of the pack. My hat is off to her!

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Diamond Jewellery September 20, 2008 at 1:55 am

wow its very nice jewellery wear

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