Established in Southeast Asia since mid-1989, Gemcal Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the cutting and marketing of natural Burmese gemstones, focusing mostly on Burma Red Spinels.

From the very beginning, Gemcal Co., Ltd. has thrived by offering the best service and product while slowly developing a loyal customer base. You are invited to share our genuine fascination with one of the oldest and most important gem producing area of Burma: Mogok . In our catalogue section, you will be able to view and buy online some of the finest stones in our inventory.

In early 2001, Spinels and rubies were rediscovered in Namya Ziek or Medicine Harbor, kachin state, Upper Burma. The location was productive around 100 years ago, and was abandoned ever since. The renewed interest in Spinels encouraged a new entrepreneurial wave. Read our report about Medicine Harbor , and browse through some unique photos from the area presented in our Image Gallery .

In Mogok, rough Spinel sometimes appears as intensely red crystals in perfect octahedral shape – the locally named ” Anyan nat Thwe ” or ” cut by the spirits ” gems .Spinel is a single refractive stone with an index as high as 1.72-1.80. This property makes it a friendly and forgiving stone to cut ; even flat stones will have a nice distinctive fire.  Its hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale is an advantage for both cutter and stone setter. Spinels specific gravity is 3.58-3.61. It is a natural and treatment-free stone – neither glass filling nor heat treatments. Cut by the sprits? Might be, but absolutely not burned, irradiated, glass injected or lubricated by the devils. The incorruptible nature of the Burmese Red Spinel is the main reason behind the renewed fascination of todays international gem markets for it – because it is exactly what gemstones used to be, charming, very rare, a bit included but genuine. Hold one between your hands and you will, for a moment, touch a small part of natures magical beauty.

We hope that after browsing around our site for a while you will, like us, learn to appreciate the unique charm and value of natural Burmese gemstones.

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