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In the days of my youth I fell in love with the craft of lapidary: the steady sound of the grinding wheel drumming out the chaos of life, the feel of the stone becoming ever smoother, seeing a stone’s inner miracles revealed by the final polish.

Metalsmithing came next. I had a craving to create art and was instantly hooked on the high of successfully using FIRE together with silver. The rythm of using a jeweler’s saw felt like music; and hammering gives a different type of satisfaction at times.

Other interests have come and gone, but the tools I first loved have remained steady, never letting me down.

So, you may like my work or not. That isn’t my reason for doing it.

I do it because it nurtures my soul. I’m comforted by giving attention to finest details. I enjoy stretching my limits and learning new ways to work.

I claim no title other than a woman with a torch.

Woman with a Torch
I make jewelry, mostly silver with cabochons. I also do lapidary work. I enjoy taking the time to do my best on everything I make.
Woman with a Torch

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