MoI Jewelry Design

by jdkjewelry3d on May 17, 2007

Introducing MoI Tutorials, MoI (Moment of Inspiration) is a new 3D modeling/CAD program for designers and artists, developed by Michael Gibson, the original creator of Rhinoceros. (MoI can be downloaded as a free trial version).

The ease of use and simplicity of the work flow in MoI is very impressive. With a logical simplicity, it’s almost as if MoI anticipates where you’re going next as it accomplishes two or three tasks within one step. Among it’s innovative features are construction lines which pop up temporarily as guidelines for position and orientation, enabling you to accomplish the dimensional precision required for jewelry design while still having the freedom to do free-form modeling… (all examples of 3D jewelry designs in the gallery were created in MoI, some were subsequently rendered with Flamingo).

-Jesse Kaufman




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