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by jdkjewelry3d on October 18, 2008

As I think about what to write for my first blog entry, I can’t help but remember when I first discovered Orchid. I was a relative latecomer to the Internet… I was of the opinion as a craftsman that computers were more or less for accountants or kids who played video games! I’d heard about such things as desktop publishing and chat rooms, but up until that day in October of 1998 when I went to Circuit City after work and bought a P230 Mhz Packard Bell with a whopping 32 MB of RAM, I was pretty much clueless about computers.

As a cyberspace neophyte, I chose AOL as my ISP, as did many people back then. Fast forwarding several months later, as I browsed the AOL home pages one night I discovered the page of someone who made jewelry. Wow! So there were other people like me online? Cool!

I wrote to compliment her on her work and to ask if she knew of any good jewelry-related websites. This was before the Google. I wish I remembered that woman’s name, because I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for introducing me to Orchid!

So that’s the story… 🙂 But it was really just the beginning of the adventure of reinventing myself as a creative person by using CAD/CAM to make jewelry. I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that Orchid had a lot to do with it. Quite a lot. Back those many years ago, working at the bench for Derek Simpson Goldsmith in New Haven, CT, I never once thought that I’d someday be designing jewelry with a computer! I could go on, but there will be time for that in future posts.

I’ve migrated one of my Blogspot posts over to Orchid. I’ve never really used it as a blog, but more for showing examples of 3D jewelry design done with MoI and links to my tutorials.

In upcoming posts I plan to include some more personal content as well as cover such topics as 3D design techniques, CAD software, innovative jewelry artists who push the CAD/CAM envelope, and some concept-to-production articles about my design projects. I’ll also feature some of what what I think is “new and exciting” in the CAD world as it relates to jewelry design and who knows what else!

I welcome any comments or suggestions.

-Jesse Kaufman




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