Exciting times

by lynneglazzard on May 11, 2007

The dale today has been shrouded in rain clouds, without very much rain actually falling here, where we need it or certainly will need it later when the summer arrives. Looking out of my studio into the dale I can see a bright line along the ridge of the hill contrasted with the dark overhanging clouds giving the view a sense of drama.

I have been in the workshop all day working with a student on art clay silver projects. I just have a bit of the usual paperwork to do now before I can call it a day and go home, not that home is very far away!

Art clay silver is an exciting medium in which to create small pieces of silver jewellery. It can be modelled like clay and when fired, by a variety of methods and according to the manufacturers instructions, the binder is fired away and the silver fused together to leave the piece of jewellery. It is a very accessible way of creating jewellery and can produce very striking results. Like most creative media it does require an understanding of the ways in which the materials can be manipulated and of course practice. I offer courses in my own workshop and at various other venues in order to introduce other people to the medium and hopefully inspire and give them confidence to go on and create their own work. Teaching in this way is interesting and demanding, it brings me into contact with a wide variety of interesting people and, through their questions increases my own understanding of the medium. Having the confidence to offer courses has also added a new dimension to my own work and reduces the sense of isolation that can sometimes happen when working here on my own for long periods of time.

It has given me a much needed boost and a sense that there is a huge potential here for experimentation………. exciting times!




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