Sunday and Open Studios

by lynneglazzard on June 21, 2009

The morning here was very quiet, but I am definately off the beaten track and visitors do have to make quite an effort to find me. I spent part of the morning making a few beads in art clay silver and set the kiln going just as things started to liven up. My good friend Margaret came over to help this afternoon and had a great time making little butterflies out of copper shim and enamelling them to demonstrate one enamelling technique to visitors – I will try and photograph one of the butterflies tomorrow and add a picture. We had quite a few visitors throughout the afternoon and it is fantastic being able to explain to people how different pieces are designed and constructed, just giving them a bit on an insight into what is my normal working day really. Their comments on my workshop and its surrounding landscape also serve to remind me just how lucky I am to be here, working for myself at something I love passionately and in such a beautiful location. I think I need to stop and look at the view more often! It is also a fantastic opportunity to sell my work – even if this occasionally takes me by surprise.




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