More photopolymer plates

by lynneglazzard on January 1, 2010

I have been doing some more work using photopolymer plates to create my own textures.  I originally learned to create these plates in a workshop run by Katie Baum at an art clay conference.  To make my original plates I tended to take a small image and cut a piece of the photopolymer sheet to fit the image, then expose and process the sheet.  What I am now doing is creating a small panel of drawings of patterns to fit the size of the sheet and making a texture plate with a whole variety of patterns and textures on it.

I draw the patters onto thin white card then photocopy them using my computer printer.  I have found that I can create a denser image using the printer on photocopy mode rather then scanning the images in and printing them.  I then print them out onto normal A4 copy paper with the density slightly increased and with the printer set at maximum I print 2 copies of each image onto OHP sheet.  I have found I can just cram 4 images (2 copies of each of 2 patterns) onto a sheet of A4 and that they then fit the size of a sheet of the photopolymer.




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