A change in the tides ~ Harvesting vs Mining

by Canyon Cassidy on July 21, 2011

For a few decades now my family and I have been mining turquoise in a fairly typical manner. Picks shovels, pry bars and screens, and maybe even an occasional tractor of some sort or a air hammer. Truth be told I never liked this kind of work.
It seemed more like abuse to me, both to the mountain and our bodies. We tend to make more rubble than pick up stones.

It was a good effort and we worked hard…
We did ok I suppose, we found some great stones.
However in the last few years I have taken a new technique out to the desert. Harvesting. Nature seems to provide more than enough stone in one season than weeks of toil with equipment. Instead of beating up the mountain, I take a slow walk and pay keen attention to the ground. The results are amazing, I seem to find more gem grade material this way. It is as if nature left it there for me. And I would surely find it… So long as I payed attention to the subtle ways she speaks.
So now we are taking a turn into a new realm of operation for us.
Harvesting. Every season the winter and the rain of spring do the hard rock work for us.
Our job now is to pay closer attention to the natural changes that constantly occur out in the desert. The rewards for this are beyond measure. Specimens with no cracks of fractures, no further reclaimation to do. And now we can span out into other areas that are not on our little claim. A walking stick and a pocketful.

Enjoy the natural beauty
Canyon Cassidy

in the Nevada outback

Nevada outback

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canyoncassidy July 21, 2011 at 8:49 pm

thanks so much Lynn, it was a great first meeting. I hope you can make it out west again sometime.

Lynn Harrisberger July 21, 2011 at 8:41 pm

I’m really glad you started this blog, and look forward to reading more in the near future! It’s especially special since Mom and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you and your family within days of our first call – Not to mention drooling over the beautiful turquoise that comes out of your claim!

Wishing you abundant harvesting in the future in the spectacular land you live in!

Lynn 🙂

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