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by margarita on March 10, 2009

So I totally bombed at the thing-a-day thing… maybe next year.

I did get my bathroom painted!

So, at least, I’m getting something done:)

As I was working in the studio on some custom jobs I thought to myself, there’s got to be an easier way to enamel the inside of this sphere.  The enamel tends to follow the force of gravity when the enamel is molten causing the edges to be bare and requiring many, many layers to cover up the “bald” spots. I know! Blu-stic! Thompson make this super sticky adhesive (far gooier than klyr-fire*) for applying cloisonne wires, foils, etc. 
So I coat the piece lightly with Blu-stic, coated thoroughly with enamel and let it dry.
I go to torch enamel, with a bit of excitement.
The Blu-stic starts to bubble a bit, unfortunate, but not unexpected, then….

Catches Fire?!  Oh, the stink!  I quenched the piece ASAP, but wow! Yuck.

Not Exactly the Aqua Blue I was going for:/

Moral: I do not recommend Blu-stic for torch firing.


*Who names this stuff??




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